5 Ways to Consistently Score High in Fruit Frenzy

On Pocket7Games, scores are important. In order to beat the competition, players need to understand the scoring system and optimize their playstyle to achieve the highest scores possible. Players that can consistently execute strategies and earn high scores will have an edge over the competition.

Pocket7Games is a fun and exciting iOS app that provides players with 10 different games to play, all within a single app. These games can be played for a virtual currency called Tickets or for real money. All games on Pocket7Games are skill-based and reward players for learning and improving their gameplay. 

Fruit Frenzy is one of the games offered, and it demands both speed and accuracy. So how does scoring work in Fruit Frenzy? There are six different ways players can earn points. Time can also add or deduct points based.

Pair Two Fruits 300 Points + Speed Bonus Pair two fruits. Players can earn up to 100 bonus points based on how quickly the fruits are paired.
Column Bonus 300 Points Clear an entire column on the game board.
Row Bonus 400 Points Clear an entire row on the game board.
Full Clear 1,000 Points Clear the entire game board before time runs out.
Time Remaining 100 Points x Time Remaining Clear the entire board before the time runs out. You can score bonus points if there is extra time left on the clock at the end of the game.


Time plays a big part in scoring, and in order to consistently score high, players will need to clear the game board as quickly and efficiently as possible. While this is primarily done through quick fingerwork, power-ups can also play a big part in a player’s total score.

Fruit Frenzy Power-ups

There are three power-ups players can obtain, and using them effectively is key to consistently scoring high in Fruit Frenzy.

Fruit Bombs

Fruit Bombs are the most common power-up players can obtain. When used, this item will pause the clock and allow the player to clear a single pair of fruit of their choosing.

Fruit Filter

Fruit Filters are the second most common power-up. This power-up randomly selects a fruit that is no longer on the game board and removes it from the calling pool. The fruit will no longer be called, making it more likely that a fruit the player needs will be called. This power-up should be used as soon as it’s obtained.

Triple Bomb

The Triple Bomb is the final and rarest power-up players can obtain. It works similarly to the fruit bomb, however, it allows players to clear three separate fruit pairs instead of just one.

Fruit Frenzy High Scoring Tips

Understanding how the scoring system and power-ups work is essential to consistently scoring high in Fruit Frenzy. Once players understand the basics, they can then use that knowledge to implement these tips and tricks to optimize their gameplay.

  1. Speed

Fruit Frenzy is all about speed and efficiency. Players will get a bonus if they match fruits quickly, so it is important to act fast when a fruit is called. 

  1. Use the Edge of the Gameboard

Fruits can be connected by a line that goes out of the gameboard. This means that if there are two fruits sitting on the same edge, players should be able to pair them without having to clear the fruit between them.

  1. Using Fruit Bombs Effectively

Fruit Bombs have several different uses. Their primary use is to clear pairs of fruit that may be blocking other potential pairs. Saving bombs provides players with more flexibility and ensures they have the best chance to match fruits when they are called. Using a Fruit Bomb will also temporarily pause the clock, allowing players to catch their breath and evaluate the game board.

  1. Using Fruit Filters Immediately

When used, Fruit Filters increase a player’s chance to get a needed fruit call. It’s important to use these power-ups right away to maximize their effect.

  1. Clearing the Board

Clearing the board is essential to maximizing your score and should be your primary goal. Completing the game as quickly as possible will not only award a 1,000 point bonus. It will also award you additional points based on how much time is left on the clock.


Pocket7Games’ brings a number of fun and exciting games to players all within a single app. These skill-based games provide users with a chance at earning real cash through normal games, events, and tournaments. Understanding the games and practicing consistently can improve players’ odds and ensure they achieve high scores.

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