5 Things to Look for When Purchasing a New Cannabis Strain

Trying out a new strain of cannabis is one of life’s many pleasures. It is a wonderful way to enjoy some downtime or to hopefully suit a medicinal purpose you may have.

But as with any new purchase, research is typically necessary. You definitely do not want to waste time and money on something less than stellar, after all.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you. Here are the five things to look for when purchasing a new cannabis strain.

1. If You’re a Grower, Consider its Needs

If you’re looking to add a new cannabis strain to your personal garden, there is a lot to consider.

You may have already narrowed down a weed delivery Edmonton strain that appeals to your cannabis preferences. That is certainly step one checked off.

But also ask yourself the following:

  • How robust is this strain and do I have the space for all its growth stages?
  • Do I have or am I willing to buy all its specific nutrients and enzymes?
  • Does this strain attract pests, and if so, am I equipped to deal with that?

By considering these questions, you’ll no doubt avert any grower’s stress that comes with tending new cannabis strains. Preparation is essential in any gardener’s success story!

2. Learn How to Spot Fakes

The cannabis industry is absolutely booming right now. And you know what that means. Plenty of nefarious opportunity seekers are out there selling fake versions of would-be sensational strains.

The only way to ensure you’re not duped is to educate yourself! Check out this article on how to spot fake cannabis products and knockoffs and avoid getting scammed.

3. When You’re at the Dispensary…

If you’re looking to buy a new strain at your local dispensary, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Most dispensaries have knowledgeable and friendly budtenders. So come prepared with any questions and concerns you have about a strain you’re interested in but never tried.

Also, be sure to ask the budtender if you can look at it up close and smell it. This is a smart way to ensure this new strain has the appearance and aroma of the type of cannabis you typically enjoy.

4. Its CBD and THC Content

This may seem obvious to longtime cannabis “buds,” but we have to cover all our bases, right?

Every cannabis strain has specific levels of THC and CBD.

You may prefer higher CBD levels if you want your experience to be calming and help soothe any aches or pains you have. Get a strain with higher THC levels if you’re looking for a classic stoner high with more euphoric feelings and creative energy.

Also, note that Indica strains are best for pain management, though not so great if you’re looking for added energy. Sativa, conversely, is not great for anyone who suffers anxiety and is best for those who need a little push to get motivated.

Along with aroma and appearance, its THC and CBD content will inform you best on how consuming it will make you feel.

Speaking of consuming …

5. How to Consume It

Some strains are better for edibles, others for vaping, and still others for smoking.

Be sure to choose a new strain that is best consumed the way you prefer. You may dislike smoking and prefer enjoying your cannabis in an edible format.

But remember: there are major differences in how you feel when consuming edibles versus vaping. Smoking and vaping will make you feel the strain’s effects faster than consuming an edible. However, the effects of consuming an edible tend to last longer. So do you need cannabis relief now or later? And do you want to ensure you’re not feeling the effects hours later?

These are all issues you need to ask yourself when researching a new cannabis strain to purchase.


While the prospect of enjoying a new cannabis strain can be thrilling, you do need to put in plenty of research.

These are the five things to look for when purchasing a new cannabis strain. Keep these in mind, and you will likely find the perfect strain for your needs and lifestyle.