4WD camping accessories for all campers

A camping trip in your very own 4-wheel drive sounds super exhilarating. A weekend drive with your best buddies or family can be the right kind of adventure, provided you have the right 4WD camping accessories. Remember, the difference between a dream trip and a nightmare comes down to preparation. Backcountry camping can sometimes be dangerous, especially if you are unprepared to deal with the unfortunate incidences during your camping. This is where you will need some essential 4*4 camping gear and accessories.

If you are a first-time buyer, browsing through an online camping store can be pretty overwhelming. Why? There is a vast array of camping and survivability gear available. Without knowing the right equipment, you may end up buying things you may not need or forgetting something that would be vital for your 4WD camping. Hence, to give you a nudge in the right direction, here’s an ultimate 4WD checklist you need before hitting the road. Read on!

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A basic survival kit and Off-road basics

When packing the basic survival kit for camping, it must include plenty of drinking water, food, extra clothes, insect repellent, blankets, personal hygiene items, communication devices with extra batteries. Besides these things, you will also need a fully equipped first aid kit, spare tyre, basic tool kit, and more.

Tent, roof tent and awnings

When camping, you will spend your whole day hiking, fishing, and bush bashing. But what if you come to your place and realize you don’t have a shelter to sleep in. So before you head for a thrilling trip, make sure you have packed your tent. Camping tents are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you need something compact, lightweight to sleep in or a roof tent for your car, you have a plethora of options at your disposal.

Sleeping bags

Next comes the sleeping bags or swags. Sleeping bags are your best friends when hiking in the wilds and camping in a tent. Of course, you would not want to sleep on the ground in your tent, so taking a sleeping bag along is a great choice. This will give you a warm and cozy feel when away from home. The type of sleeping bag you need would depend on where you are going camping and the season.

Air compressor

When you buy 4WD camp accessories, you will likely forget about the air compressor. However, it is an essential requirement as it helps regulate the tyre pressure. It gives you the flexibility to lower and increase your tyre pressure based on terrain.

Storage container

You would need decent-sized storage to hold your essential items, but it does not have to be bulky. There are lightweight yet robust containers with added features to give you more space and convenience to carry your things.

12V portable fridge

When buying 4WD accessories, make sure you have a 12V fridge on your list. This is because having a 12V fridge in your 4*4 will take your trip to the next level. It is much more efficient and can make your trip a breeze. You will not have to worry about your food and drinks when you are on a long journey.

Recovery gear

For serious adventurers, no 4wd gear kit is complete without recovery boards. These boards are super-tough made using engineering-grade reinforced Nylon that saves you from bogs in mud, sand, slush and snow.

These were the seven most essential 4WD camping accessories; however, the list does not end here. There are many more gear and accessories like tyre maintenance kit, fuel container, shovel, cooking gear, driving lights, and roof racks. Hence, you need to make your purchase carefully and remember not to splurge on what you may not ever need.

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