4 Common Misconceptions About Police Checks in Queensland

Queensland is the best state in Australia for people looking to get a fantastic job from small businesses. At least 452,000 small businesses with 20 or fewer employees in Queensland are at the core of every industry section. And with 5.185 million residents within the state, you have to look for small businesses before the position you want already gets filled.

If you want to get a job as quickly as possible, you need essential documents like police checks. Note that getting queensland police checks might be complex and take a while, so the best option you have is to get it through an online service. Before getting one, it is best to learn the different misconceptions surrounding police checks to understand better what they are and how they function.

Misconception #1: Private companies have access to your criminal record

The first misconception that some Queensland residents know about police checks is that private companies directly contact the police database and check each person’s criminal history. That is entirely untrue as only the proper authorities like police officers have access to them.

They can only learn if the person has a criminal record when they directly contact the state and ask for their background check. However, if you have an existing criminal record in one state, other states besides Queensland might not find that current record. That is why some companies always do extensive background checks and ask applicants to get their police checks from their registered state.

Misconception #2: Online police checks are very unreliable

Another misconception with police checks in Queensland encounters those problems when you get your police checks through unreliable websites. You have to look for accredited websites like Worker Checks that provide their services to thousands of Queensland residents.

You can research the website you plan on getting your police check by looking for customer feedback and reviews on the internet.

Misconception #3: Employers will only do a work-related background check

No person with a current criminal record will ever get past the application stage because all companies and businesses will do a full background check on every applicant. You will never find a company in Queensland that only does work-related background checks because it could tarnish their reputation.

Some elements of the police check criteria they have to look out for include:


  • Social media screening
  • Educational and employment references
  • Sanctions check
  • Medical check
  • Criminal history check

Failing to do a full background check could lead a company into hiring people that could destroy their entire business operations.

Misconception #4: Employers will never hire applicants with criminal records

You should know that not all employers will discriminate against applicants if they have a criminal history. If you have a criminal history and have already served it, your chances of being hired by an employer will increase. Employers will mostly reject applicants if they still have an existing criminal record.

Various hazards have been experienced by several commercial entities around the world. They all have high expectations for their employees’ abilities. At the same time, they are constrained by financial constraints. As a result, for such firms to move rapidly when it comes to security and commercial risk, a criminal background check is required. It is a quick and easy technique to identify potential issues.

It will also depend on what type of job you plan on applying for in Queensland because specific jobs require the applicant to have a clean criminal record. So you have to research more on the possible jobs that will be extremely particular with the person’s criminal history.

Keep in mind the different misconceptions about police checks in Queensland if you want to have a clear understanding of it.