3 Factors to Consider When Getting a Small Outdoor Table

The outdoors are a great place for doing various activities. From playing ball games and gardening to swimming if you have a pool outside your home. But the outdoors are also a great place to unwind and relax especially when it’s summer or spring. No one wants to stay inside the home when it’s too hot or when the weather is fair. 

This is where outdoor furniture such as small outdoor tables comes in. They also allow families to stay outside while sipping either a warm cup of coffee during spring or a cold glass of iced tea during summer for relaxation and comfort.

But before you rush and buy a small outdoor table in a supermarket or build one if you have the materials and design in mind, there are things that you should remember when getting this valuable piece of furniture in your home. 

The Weather/Climate in Your Area

One thing to consider before you scour for a small outdoor table on the Internet or in your nearest department store, you should first check what’s the weather or the climate like outside of your home. Does the climate outside change every few months? How often does it rain (and if it does, how strong are those rains)? How hot is it outside during summer? And much more. This is because the climate in your place will enable you to make a good decision in choosing the best material for the small outdoor table that you will either build or buy.

About Weather and Materials

If you live in a place with long, hot summers, then outdoor tables made from stainless steel might not be a good option for you since they absorb heat easily and it takes a long time for them to cool down. You should also avoid outdoor tables made from wood if you experience heavy rains most of the year in your place since moisture will cause the table to rot. You should also remove outdoor tables made from light materials out of your options if you experience strong winds for most of the day or year. 

It is best to study your environment well before getting a small outdoor table (or any outdoor furniture for that matter). Consider how long you want your furniture to last in your home. And finally, take storage into account if you need to store your outdoor table during the rainy or stormy season. 

The Size and Style of Your Outdoor Table

The size and shape of your small outdoor table (no matter how small it would get) are the other two factors that you should take into consideration when buying or constructing this piece of furniture in your home. This is because not all outdoor tables are the same, and the best outdoor table for your home would depend on how wide your outdoor space. Ask yourself, where will you place your small outdoor table? Will you put it near the swimming pool? In your garden in front of your home? On the balcony of your home? You should take this into account when buying or building a small outdoor table for your home. Or else the table would either look too small in your outdoor space or it would take too much space that other furniture like chairs would no longer fit outside. 

Aside from the size of your small outdoor table, it is also important to take style into account when buying this piece of furniture for your home. It is best to stay away from outdoor tables with gender-specific designs (e.g. flowers) especially if you live with your family or with someone else. You should also look for an outdoor table that would match the style of your home’s exterior. If you have a traditional house setting, it would be best to purchase or craft a traditionally-styled outdoor table as well. Don’t choose any outdoor furniture that would look out of place when you use it outside of your home.

Your Budget for the Furniture 

Of course, your budget is another thing to consider when buying a small outdoor table for your home. Outdoor tables come in a range of prices, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the material of the furniture, who manufactured it, and the retailer selling the product. Don’t always go for the cheapest option when looking for an outdoor table, as they could be made from materials that are easy to break. There are exceptions to this, but choose the outdoor table that you think has a justifiable price point. You can browse the Internet for reviews and tips, and you can always ask a supermarket or department store staff for your best options as well. 

But if you prefer building your outdoor table instead of buying one at a nearby supermarket or department store, then you might still need to think about your budget especially if you will not use recycled materials for your furniture. If you want to buy materials for your table (such as wood or even metal), it is best to source your materials from companies or people that you trust. If you don’t know where to get your materials from, you may try looking for a hardware store near you or you can always ask our friend Google for the best places where to buy materials and tools for your DIY project. Your options are limitless on this one. But make sure that you are within the budget that you set for your outdoor table, regardless of whether you buy one or build one. 


There are other factors to consider when buying a small outdoor table for your home, such as dimensions, maintenance and care for your furniture, and most importantly comfort. After all, buying a small outdoor table for your home is almost like buying a new home, and building one will almost feel like building your own house. Nevertheless, your small outdoor table should help you with your relaxation when you unwind outside your home during summer, spring, or even fall and not cause you discomfort. Hence, there are many things that you should keep in mind when buying or purchasing a small outdoor table for your home.

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