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10 Ways to Meet Locals and Find New Friends in a New Country

By: Matt McGratch

Congratulations to you if you recently became a resident of Perth or any other part of the country. Whether you got it done on your own, or you used the, you’re now a person legally residing in Australia and ready to start your life. You’ll likely start off by finding a place to live and somewhere to work. Once that is settled, however, you’ll want to start making personal connections.

If you want to start making personal connections in a new country, there are many things you can try:

  1. Hang Out After Work: Grab a beer with some co-workers after your shift.
  2. Walk Around Your Neighborhood: Bonus points if you have a dog or pet. You’ll strike up conversations with other owners.
  3. Invite Neighbors for Dinner: If you hit it off with any neighbors, see if they’re interested in coming over for dinner one night.
  4. Learn the Language: If you’re not fluent in the local language, then you’re going to be at a serious disadvantage in getting to know people. Then again, you might make friends with other students also trying to assimilate into the area.
  5. Find a Pub: Whether it’s a place that serves beer and spirits or just a coffee shop, there’s likely to be a place that suits your vibe. Spend enough time there, and the regulars will get used to you being around.
  6. Date: If you’re not already in a romantic relationship, consider dating locals. As an international, you’ll bring something new and exotic to the local dating pool. Plenty of locals are likely to be curious about you.
  7. Get Into Local Sports: Whether you move to Australia or any other country, locals will be passionate about their sports. Start attending games of a particular team you want to follow, or participate in a sport you love yourself.
  8. Look Up Online Groups: The Internet is used for meet-up organizations in communities around the world. Join any groups that interest you, and watch out for organized activities that they host.
  9. Volunteer: Whether your passion is helping kids, caring for animals, or just taking care of the environment, there are bound to be others in your area that also care. Find out when they get together, and join them as often as you can.
  10. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: The biggest and the best thing you can do is just step outside your personal comfort zone. This is necessary for all the other nine ideas, but it’s also going to be crucial to any opportunities you see along the way.

In Summary

Moving to a new country is a lot bigger deal than moving between two places in your native land. It takes courage to make a jump this big, but meeting locals and making new friends in your new country doesn’t have to be nearly as hard.

About the Author:

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