Why Royce Welding Machines are gaining popularity in Kenya

Welding is important while dealing with metals because the melted metal is joined together to form a shape. One can achieve a lot while using this machine at home or at work because its performace is high and its functionality is easy to understand. It being a brand of Royce you can purchase the machine there.

The machine is mostly used at home. It uses TIG machine process where it welds thin metals, aluminum and steel. With adjustable stepless current, the arc starting function is greatly improved. This article talks about the features, use, durability, source of power and duty cycle that makes the machine stand out.

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Has an input voltage of 220V to 230V.

Has a frequency ranging between 50Hz to 60Hz.

Has 8.7 KVA input capacity.

The current range is 20A to 300A.

The usable electrode is1.6mm to 5.0mm.

Has black and blue colors.

The power cable has a length of approximately 1.3m.

Ease of use

There is a shoulder and handle strap at the top for ease of carry while welding. The machine weighs about 5.5kg meaning that you can use it while it’s on the shoulder only if you can manage to support it.

High capacity ensures high efficiency, improves welding performance, stable power output of electric and high quality. The machine can weld at a high temperature of about 600C because the updated straight wind blowing design can manage excessive heat.

Royce welding machine has different buttons which are the on and off button at the back, current regulator and front power button. This buttons assist the welder to control the machine comfortably since they are easily accessible.

A welding face shield and wire mask is provided to protect your eyes from too much light that is produced and also protect the face from the tiny spark lights which are produced as you are welding on a metal.

At the control panel, saip exclusive uses over current protection system to protect the welder from damage and fried tube and prevent large current shock transmitting to the welder.


Royce welding machine lasts for a long time because it’s installed with interlayer duct patent technology that fully prevents dust into the lower and upper plate and maintains a short circuit.

Source of power

The machine obtains its power from an inverter which is portable, compact, simple and easy to work on and also saves on energy. The power consumption is low. It welds beautiful shapes out of metal, start arc and stable weld arc with basic electrode,

Duty cycle

The welding machine has a high rated duty which can last for about 24 hours without having to stop it. As it starts to heat up, it can also still work on full current and function better.


When you purchase the machine, it comes with a manual hand book that guides you well on how to use it, what you should do or not do and the parts of the machine are well described. Works best for indoor fitment, altitude work and field work. For more information, check