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What are the best new postpaid plans from leading cellular operators?

Gone are the days of running to the nearby shops or traveling long distances for phone bill payments. Internet and technology advances have made it easy and quick for people to recharge at the comfort of their homes. And that is not all, but there are many discounts, deals, combo offers, coupons, gifts, and other benefits. For example, make a BSNL bill payment online without many hassles instantly. BSNL, a government-owned telecommunications company, has a rich history of over 170 years, from communications in India in 1850. Airtel, owned by Bharathi Airtel, is now a global conglomerate enabling communications for over a quarter of a century from 1993. With the technology development, paying bills online to these best telecommunication companies is easy and quick. Check out the many benefits, the ways to pay the bills easily, and the many best new postpaid plans of BSNL and Airtel.

Benefits of payments online

BSNL or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, though incorporated only in 2000, has its roots in British India. The first telegraph line starting from Diamond Harbor to Kolkata is now spread to the nook and corner of India. Since the Government of India is owning it, it is available even in remote areas to benefit from mass communication. But it is challenging for the rural people to pay their bills in time. However, with online recharge available for paying BSNL bills, it is easy and quick to pay their bills for uninterrupted service. The ways to pay BSNL bills online include.

Ways to pay BSNL bills online

●       Key in the phone number

●       Select the postpaid or prepaid option

●       Choose the area of residence.

●       View the BSNL bill

●       Click “Go” to pay the BSNL bill online.

●       After checking the amount, click “Continue.”

●       Check for the message “Payment Successful.”

That’s it for paying the BSNL bills with no hassles but with a lot of benefits.

●       Quick and simple bill-paying method

●       Free BSNL payments with no fees levied

●       Irresistible offers like Supercash, discounts, Cashback, other deals and combos

●       Fewer cost plans like Rs. 199 postpaid plan offers unlimited calls and 25GB for a month and Rs. 299 plan offers 31GB and Rs. 399 gives 70 GB Data

Attractive Airtel bill payment benefits

Airtel is not only the second-largest mobile network operator in India but for the entire world. It is increasing its subscribers to reach over 190 million as of March 2021, giving a tough competition to Reliance Jio. To regain its top position in world telecommunications, it offers many postpaid and prepaid plans and packages with many benefits. Also, Airtel postpaid bill payment comes with no hassles. But it lures the customers back to its network by increasing the number of best plans to improve the speed, reducing the plan costs, and offering many discounts, deals, cashbacks, and others. The following are a few of the best Airtel postpaid plans for easy bill payments from anywhere at any time.

The best Airtel new postpaid plans

●       The best new Airtel postpaid plan costs a monthly rental of Rs. 499 to give 75GB of 3G or 4G data, unlimited local and calls, along with a free one-year subscription of Amazon Prime and Zee5, and that is not all but also a three months Netflix subscription.

A reverse phone lookup divides the lookup phone number information into two pieces. The first portion examines the area code’s city and state, the first three digits’ location/city, the original firm, whether the phone number is a landline or a cell phone, and when it was first used.

  • 649 monthly plan offers t 90 GB of 3G or 4G data for two connections along with all the other benefits of Rs. 499
  • For three connections and 100 GB, there is a Rs. 799 plan with all the other benefits.
  • To get four connections and 120 GB of data with all the other benefits, buy a Rs. 1,199 plan.

Recharge through us for the above best new postpaid plans of Airtel and BSNL with their benefits and additionally with extra perks of super cash, cashbacks, discounts, deals, combo offers, it is best to recharge with us.

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