What Are Some Must-have Tools For Freelance Writers?

The time has gone when every other person wanted to be a doctor, engineer, or teacher. Modernization and digitization have led to rising of a variety of other career options and freelance writing is one of them. The writing industry has recently seen significant growth in the number of freelance writers and there are several reasons behind it. People are preferring career options like freelance writing because it does not involve a typical 9 to 5 job routine and writers are not even supposed to visit the office to work. Freelance writers have complete freedom to work from the comfort of their house as per their preferred timings. Charter Spectrum Cable Plans Comes to the Rescue.

However, this definitely does not mean that it is easy to be a freelance writer. They have to manage several things at the same time. They are continuously searching for new clients while also making sure that their existing clients are satisfied with their work. They have to keep working on fresh ideas, conduct research, and manage the entire business, while also maintaining the highest quality in their work. Yes, every freelance writer is working really hard to keep growing. 

Today, we shall be discussing a few must-have tools like a simple PDF editor, for freelance writers that can make their work easier and better. Let’s get started!


Minor grammatical errors are common in writing. However, they must not be missed out; otherwise, it could make a poor impression on the client. Hence, as a freelance writer, you must use Grammarly which can help you ensure the accuracy of the grammar. This tool basically scans the text and finds out any errors related to spelling, grammar, or punctuation. In fact, it also offers suggestions to enhance your text.


Editing is not as simple as it might seem. Instead of investing your time in editing a completed work, you might find it better to work on the new one. Well, you can do this by choosing Wordy. You only need to submit your text and wait until it is edited by some qualified person. 


Plagiarism is another major problem faced by freelance writers and it can be harmful to their reputation. With the help of Copyscape, writers can make sure that their work is free from any kind of plagiarism before it is published. 

PDF Simpli

Writers have to work with different formats of documents. While most of them are easy to deal with, PDFs can be quite complicated. However, with PDF Simpli, they can easily convert PDF to Word and continue writing. 

These were some of the tools that any freelance writer must use for higher efficiency in their work. Use your tools wisely and enjoy smart work. 

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