Top 7 Countries to Study Medicine

Medicine is one of the most famous topics at the graduate and postgraduate levels of education. Billions of students all over the world study medicine to become doctors in the future or to work in related professions or sectors. Besides being popular, medicine is indeed one of the most desired subjects, and it provides knowledge to individuals with which they cure millions of people around the globe.

To study medicine, a person certainly has to come from a pure science background and most colleges and universities conduct an entrance exam to admit candidates to this course. Getting admission and studying medicine is primarily very hard, and you need strong dedication to come through this course. Some medicine courses are also available from various websites which work as online course builder or best platform for selling online courses.

In this regard, people often go to a college where the medical education is the best. This list also comes country-wise. Hence, in this article, we will talk about the top 7 countries to study medicine.


The United States of America is certainly one of the best places to study medicine. Students will be able to see some top-notch medical schools here having high rankings and excellent infrastructure which encourages the learning environment. Among the top medical colleges in the world, more than half dwell in the USA. Also, there are some world-class hospitals, offering progressive research on medicine. Besides, the country will bring you multiple learning opportunities too, which makes it the best in this list of top countries to study medicine.


Next to the United States of America remains the United Kingdom which is also regarded as one of the best places to study medicine. Like the USA, there are numerous colleges in the UK too, which remain among the best medical colleges in the world. Besides, students also get the opportunity to undergo training in some of those world-class hospitals, including University College Hospital, St. Thomas Hospital, etc. The medical schools and hospitals of the United Kingdom are advanced and students also get the opportunity to research the subject.


Australia is indeed an incredible country to study medical courses. If you wish to study medicine abroad rather than from any best platform to sell courses online, many experts will suggest you go to Australia. Even statistics will show you the proof as it states that in this country, out of 4,000 medical students to date, there exists more than 650 international enrolled. The medical schools of Australia are highly reputed, with the medical programs there being short, which is one of the greatest reasons behind its popularity. Students can also see innovative medical treatments here.


Canada also belongs among the best countries where you’ll have a wonderful experience while studying medicine courses. A total of 17 medical schools dwell in Canada, and it is generally very hard for international students to get admission to medical schools in Canada. However, if you’re passionate about your studies and have done it with hard work and dedication, you’ll indeed be worthy to be a student of the institutes. The major factors behind Canada’s benign popularity for medical courses are the availability of dual programs, reputed medical schools, top-notch hospitals, etc.


India also remains among the top countries when it comes to administering education on medicine courses. Reports state that there exists more than 1,700 international students who come to India for pursuing a medical degree. There are a total of 542 medical schools all over the country, and the demand for pursuing education here is clear by these numbers. Besides providing top-notch education and having well-known faculties, Indian medical colleges’ fees are cheap for foreigners, for which the demand increases.

The Netherlands

Sixth on this list comes the name of the Netherlands, which also provides high-quality education in the medical field. Though studying in European countries might be a language barrier for some students but candidates can also avail the three-year pre-medical course in English, available in institutions like Maastricht University and the University of Groningen. 

Though there is huge competition among international students here, as they have to clear the three year-medical course first, in case they face language issues later on. But once you get through it, you be able to be a part of some world-class medical schools.