Top 6 Reasons to Send Money to India with ICICI Money2India if You Haven’t Already

As an NRI, you would want to send money back home to India for taking care of the needs of your loved ones. While there are many ways to do so, you may look for a service that offers quick remittance services with low services charges and high exchange rate. One such dependable and reputed service is ICICI Bank Money2India. You can transfer money as an individual or businesses to anyone in India. Neither you nor your recipient needs to be an ICICI bank customer to avail of these services. There is no requirement to be an ICICI account holder to make any transfer to either an individual or an organisation.

Top reasons to use ICICI Bank Money2India:

  1. Though Money2India is a service offered by ICICI Bank, You can transfer from any bank in the US to any bank in India.
  2. You can easily send up to USD 300,000 to India in a single transaction using ICICI Bank Money2India. Unlike fin-techs, Banks offer a sense of security where you can trust doing a hassle-free transactions even for high-value remittances.
  3. ICICI Bank Money2India offers a safe and secure platform to transfer money from the US to India.
  4. Money2India offers slab-wise exchange rate which is very competitive. The exchange rates keep getting better when you send more. The more you send, the better is the exchange rate. You can visit Money2India website to view the exchange rates applicable for different slabs of remitting amount.
  5. ICICI Money2India offers a 24×7 customer service. So, if you have any queries or need support with money remittance from USA to India, you can contact the bank and get your issued resolved immediately. Additionally, If required, you also get support for New York, Texas and California offices of ICICI Bank.
  6. One of the most significant benefits of transferring money from US to India through Money2India is that they don’t levy any transfer fees on transfers over USD 1000.

If you’re looking to send remittance from USA to India, then you can always choose ICICI Bank’s Money2India service, as they provide the best money transfer experience. More than 1.5 million customers have trusted ICICI Money2India service to remit money; such a wide customer base is a testimony to its world-class services.