The Most Popular Property Search Term Among UK Tenants is now Bills Included

Tenants search for rental spaces online. These days “bills included” has become one of the commonest search terms in the UK among people looking for rented accommodations. This is because of an alarming rise in energy costs. Estate agents in Brighton have seen that the properties where monthly outgoings were merged in the rent are chosen more by the tenants. Below are some advantages of renting a space with a “bills included” facility for both tenants and landlords.

Managing the budget is more convenient

When you live in a rented space you have to keep a track of all the bill you pay for. But renting a space that offers bills, including facilities, you don’t have to worry about this. Every month you pay a fixed amount to the landlord, and you get rid of managing multiple amounts. This makes your monthly budget-making process hassle-free. It also helps you in saving some amount.

Spare you from the additional shifting costs

Setting up a broadband connection, furniture, and other facilities is unavoidable once you shift to a new place. It takes a lot of time and amount to do all this. Opting for an apartment for an inclusive rented package saves you from this. Also, you do not have to worry about set-up delays. When you enter the space, everything is already set according to your needs.

Saves you from the missed payment charges

There are chances that you skip some of your bills when you have to pay multiple bills monthly. This will make you liable for penalties. But an inclusive renting package is a saviour for you. You do not have to keep a track of separate dates for paying different bills. You just need to pay a set amount once a while every month to your landlord. After that, all the bills are taken care of by the landlord.

Makes the property more preferred

As mentioned earlier, these days properties that cover all bills in the rent amount are becoming more popular among the tenants. So offering an inclusive package to the tenants is beneficial to the landlords. It makes the property more preferred by people especially those in the working sector and the youth. The youth prefers living in a space where they do not have to take care of such bills, and the working people find it difficult to keep a track of different bills now and then. For them, property with an inclusive package is the best deal.

Property is less likely to be vacant

As mentioned previously, properties that include all monthly dues in the rent attract the tenants more. If you as a landlord also offer this facility to your tenants, then your property won’t stay vacant for longer durations. Millennials and youth are attracted to such properties, which are always in demand. So if the rent paid by tenants is your income source you need not worry. Even if any tenant vacates the space urgently due to any reason your property will be rented soon.

These were some major advantages that you can get both as a landlord and tenant from inclusive packages.

Facilities offered to tenants and tenants’ responsibilities

When bills included come into consideration for tenants and landlords both parties have certain responsibilities. The landlords are responsible to provide all necessary facilities to the tenants they are charging for and the tenants are expected to abide by the rules. Here are a few of them:

  • Facilities offered to tenants by landlords

The landlords are expected to offer facilities like gas, electricity and water supply, council tax and broadband connection. Some online streaming channels like Amazon, Netflix, and Sky and cleaning and gardening facilities can also be offered if you want your property to stand out for the tenants.

  • Duties of the tenants

The tenant must pay the due rent on time and inform the landlord about any delay in payment. Also, the tenant should be responsible enough and should not misuse the resources provided to him or her.

That was all about offering bills including facilities to the tenants. In the long run, the properties having this facility are more likely to stand out in the market. Tenants these days prefer properties where they get more facilities, and this inclusive package is an amazing deal for both parties.