Sclerotherapy’s Amazing Advantages!

You might not be able to wear your preferred dress with confidence if you have spider or varicose veins. Fortunately, there are expert treatments that can reduce the visibility of those veins. You can regain your confidence while avoiding negative side effects with sclerotherapy, a less invasive medical procedure. Boise sclerotherapy treatment can provide you with the treatment you wish for.

Sclerotherapy: What is it?

We utilize sclerotherapy as a treatment to get rid of spider veins and varicose veins. It entails injecting a fluid into the vein that irritates the blood vessel’s lining and causes it to burst. 

Your vein’s blood gradually clots, transforms into scar tissue, vanishes from view, and is reabsorbed by the surrounding tissue. Many of our patients want this treatment done for cosmetic reasons, but it also relieves problems, including leg cramps, edema, and soreness. 

Advantages of receiving sclerotherapy 

The most popular procedure for getting rid of unattractive veins is sclerotherapy. Why? Read on.

  • Sclerotherapy is quite efficient.

With up to 50 to 80 percent of injected veins vanishing after just one treatment, most patients are generally happy with the results of sclerotherapy. Your legs will look smooth and healthy after you leave the process. Because of bulging and/or web-like veins, you may have resisted wearing that summer dress or your favorite pair of shorts. This therapy may offer a long-lasting remedy. 

There is no assurance that sclerotherapy will be effective for all patients, even though it has been for most of them. Only about 10% of sclerotherapy people do not react to the injections. Usually, spider veins disappear after three to six weeks. Varicose or large veins typically go away in three to four months. You might have to go back for more treatment if new ugly veins start to emerge. 

  • Sclerotherapy is a straightforward process.

Sclerotherapy treatments are available in-office and last less than an hour. To avoid the development of blood clots, we recommend walking when you return home that same day. 

After the operation, you should refrain from the intense activity for up to two weeks. Dark patches near the injection site could develop as a result of excessive sun exposure. The procedure is risk-free and does not involve anesthesia. There is no need to cut or remove any skin tissue.  There are not many complications with sclerotherapy. 

  • Sclerotherapy can help in pain management. 

The technique is no longer primarily used to treat cosmetic difficulties with varicose or spider veins, even though this was the case in the past. Sclerotherapy is additionally utilized to treat the underlying condition that initially gave rise to the unattractive visible veins. Fortunately, sclerotherapy can ease the discomfort of this underlying dysfunction, which can lead to pain and discomfort.