SAFe® Agile Certification: Reasons To Get It

Agile methodologies, such as SAFe®, are one of the most promising and useful ones out there. Considering that most companies have adopted Agile-Scrum methodologies, SAFe®  is slowly becoming more popular since it has more benefits than Scrum. Scrum caters to simple projects that can be handled by a single team, while SAFe®  helps work with multiple scrum teams in building large systems. One must obtain SAFe®  Agile Certification or a Leading SAFe® course in order to have a thorough understanding of SAFe®. This article will help you understand some reasons to obtain a SAFe®  Agilist certification. Let’s get started.

  • Internationally Recognized Certification

The Leading SAFe® Agilist 5.0 Certification Training in Tampa is recognized globally. It carries value around the world. The certification has international recognition. You are qualified to work anywhere in the world with valid and eligible credentials, skills and knowledge to achieve your goals and dreams with SAFe® Agilist Certification.

  • Salary Hike Of A Decent Amount

In addition to the salary package, SAFe®  Agilist Certification and the Leading SAFe® course are strong and promising reasons to pursue. Your salary will increase if you are certified as a SAFe®  Agilist. Statistics show that SAFe®  Agilist certified professionals earn about 25% more than non-certified professionals.

  • Enhance Enterprise-Level Decision-Making Capabilities

The ability to make decisions is one of the main reasons for pursuing SAFe® certification and SAFe® Agilist training. Any organization’s decision-making is crucial, as it is dependent on and affects the entire enterprise. The Leading SAFe® course enables participants to apply Lean Portfolio Management & Lean Finance to make maintenance and execution more efficient and to improve decision-making capacity based on economics and estimations.

  • Lean-Agile Is Squeezed By SAFe® Certification

In Lean-Agile, standards, theories, techniques are adopted by the SAFe®  leadership, based on the Agile Manifesto, which in turn is adopted by SAFe®, which in turn works on the basis of the Lean-Agile methodology. Putting into practice Agile’s main goals, standards, and processes is the crux of the lean-Agile approach. The SAFe® framework is divided into three main components: Agile development, Lean product development, and system ideation. The Lean-Agile Approach is implemented and executed by professionals with SAFe® certification and training.

  • Career And Profile Enhancement

Your profile and career will be enriched if you obtain a Leading Safe Agilist certification in San Francisco. SAFe® certifications are highly sought after worldwide. Due to the fact that everybody claims to be an Agile Professional nowadays, it’s hard to distinguish between qualified and non-qualified professionals. A SAFe® certification validates your knowledge of the methodology and sets you apart from other candidates. You are bound to be picked up with SAFe® Agilist training and certification by top companies that respect and care about the professionals and that invest time and effort into implementing Agile in their organization.


SAFe® certification and training have become more appealing to people who were not clear or convinced as to why they should pursue the Leading SAFe® course. There are many reasons for pursuing SAFe® certification and SAFe® Agilist training, and this article only highlights some of the most common. Also, there are many CSM certified professionals that suggest to individuals who are considering SAFe® certification and SAFe® training, to earn CSM certification first to get a thorough understanding of Scrum and SAFe® because SAFe® is the next level of Scrum. SAFe® is used for enterprise-level large, complex projects. Scrum is used for simple and straightforward projects. Therefore, understanding SAFe® certification is crucial.

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