A manual mower is a mower that is controlled by someone energy usually, on foot. Manual lawnmowers also called push reel mowers are easy to use machines at home. They work by pushing the mower which in turn cut the grass horizontally. Manual mowers have a reel dependent on the user’s forward motion to cut grass. They are physically demanding that’s why they are suitable for small gardens. They are low on noise pollution and are environmentally friendly.


It has the top-notch cutting ability.

It has a clean scissor sharp cut to the grass that seals the blade. This helps keep any disease-causing organisms out .

Has various features

Manual mowers have various preset speeds for you that can be adjusted to your preferred one. These speeds can move up and down while still cutting the grass.

Maintenance and cost

According to Manual Lawn mower Kenya, these mowers require regular maintenance such as sharpening and replacing the blades and taking out the stuck grass within the blades. A mower with more advanced features will cost much more. Manual mows are stored different, some can be folded while others can be stored in their normal state.

Easy to use

The mower starts when you start pushing it. No need to use gas, electricity, or petrol oil incidentally cutting on fuel costs. Its weight is roughly 17 kilograms making it easy to operate for many users. It does not throw any wastes found within the grass when mowing to the user.  A manual mower is ideal for small gardens due to its tiring nature.

Quite affordable

Manual lawn mower prices in kenya  are quite affordable compared to engine powered ones. The cheapest manual lawn mower retails at an average of 8000 Ksh compared to a gas/electric one going for 30,000. This feature varies according to brand, size, functionality, and more


Mowing tall grass has proven to be a difficult task especially for new homeowners. The manual mower can experience various mechanical challenges that may lead to delays or a damaged lawn.

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Cut small bits at a time

Subdivide the portions before you begin mowing. For each section, mow the top layer of grass first and then one more time to clear the lowest after a day or two. For the desired effect, clear just about 30 percent of the grass at ago. Avoid mowing your grass in one go, this will lead to damages to your lawn or your manual mower.

Trim the tall grass prior

Your manual lawn mower will be damaged if you immediately begin your mowing because it can’t cut through the tall grass at once. Use a trimmer for this. Even after the first trim, be sure to trim again before you mow.

Mow your grass slowly

Use a slow speed even after you have done your trimming. Most users might think the grass being low means you can go full speed. The goal of this exercise is to maintain a healthy lawn even after mowing. Going full speed does the opposite of this.

Have a frequent maintenance schedule

After mowing, it is important not to let the grass overgrow gain.This will only be a repetitive cycle of piled-up grass destroying your lawn. Leaving the grass for longer periods will destroy your lawn and your lawn mower.


A manual lawn mower is an easy-to-usemachine for small areas such as gardens. It is cheaper, easier, and environmentally friendly. When maintained, used, and stored correctly, it could last a lifetime. The manual lawn mower is a worthy investment, in the market, there are a variety of brands to choose from after your thorough research.