How To Tackle Your Plant And Machinery Valuation

Many companies fail to handle the domestic business with the side needs of the company. Assets that a company holds tell a lot about their current standing in the market, the number of goods they can generate monthly, etc. Since the company needs to focus on both domestic and side assets it owns, they need to have an estimated book value of everything so that they have clear sight into future growth as well as a clear pathway for partners to pack up if they feel they no more wish to run the business or they wish to merge in future.

Purpose Of Plant And Machinery Valuation

There could be quite several reasons that can make a company want to know the worth of the asset it owns or make an investment.

1. Buying

Key fact to know the worth of the machinery or plant by the owner is to make a bid for purchase or investment. They need to ascertain that the price tag of machinery equals its value and what it claims to be and would it be worth it to buy one. The true representation and worth for investing in assets would be easier to compare with the value of machinery.

2. Selling

Valuation of assets is also done considering one for reselling. The value of machinery is usually based on the outstanding features that are accustomed to, and the manufacturing date labelled on it.

3. Equipment Financing

Equipment finances require the evaluators’ valuation of plant and machinery to easily determine the collateral value to finance loans against them. Equipment financing indulges several categories of equipment ranging from heavy machinery to office equipment.

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4. Financial Reporting

The plant and machinery hold a position in various financial purposes like balance sheets, auditing, and internal management. The valuation here is done with the purpose to determine the economic value in the books of the company.

Methods Of Valuation

There are three main approaches for asset and property valuation services. They are as follows:

1. Cost Approach

This is one of the real estate valuation methods. This determines the buyer’s price for a property or asset, which is equivalent to constructing a whole new building. In the above-said approach, the cost of property is equal to the land cost, including the total cost of land, excluding depreciation.

2. The Direct Market Or Sales Comparison Approach

In this valuation approach, the recently sold assets are used to determine the value of similar assets. Comparables assist in finding the righteous price of the asset.

3. Income Approach 

This approach allows the investors to determine the value of a property by the amount it generates. It is used by keeping the value of net operating income (INO) of the rent collected and dividing it by the capitalization rate.

4. Component Approach 

In this method, the cost of land and the cost of the property is estimated separately and then clubbed to get a true and fair price of the property. The land value is calculated by its locality, fertility, position on the main road, etc. The value of property and building can be defined by construction and interior of building less depreciation cost.

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Premises To Value Cost Of Plant And Machinery

  • Replacement cost
  • Reproduction cost
  • Historical cost
  • Insurance replacement cost
  • Insurance reproduction cost
  • Scrap value
  • Market value
  • Book value

Valuation Of Property Online

People take advantage of these services online with the advancement in technology and the craze of businesses flourishing over the internet and social media. Several sites help in online property valuation with a few easy clicks by sitting in any corner or jiffy.

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