How Does Marijuana Addiction Occur & What Does It Look Like?

It is propagated in the national and regional news by pro-medical marijuana advocacy groups as a non-habit-forming drug. Marijuana has been abused for decades in the United States in addition to and without other substances. Widely regarded as a “recreational” drug with no addictive qualities, marijuana has flown under the radar in regards to its abuse and dependency attributes.  For countless individuals who find themselves unable to function properly without the use of marijuana, addiction rehab and recovery facilities offer recovery programs. They recognize the damage that can be caused due to marijuana dependence addiction, just as much as other mind-altering substances.

Marijuana is a naturally occurring plant that, when fertilized, flowers a bud-like leaf that is abused for its mind-altering effects. Marijuana can be a sticky leafy bud in various shades of green, purple, or blue, depending upon potency. When it is burned, it has a distinctly pungent odor that has been likened to a liquid that is excreted by skunks as a defense mechanism.  Marijuana doesn’t need to be smoked to be abused, however. Methods of marijuana consumption include smoking marijuana buds, baking marijuana into food to be eaten, and mixing marijuana flakes with other substances for an increased high.

How does marijuana addiction occur?

Marijuana is typically used recreationally, and the number of individuals who partake in marijuana usage is growing due to the upswing in states legalizing marijuana for medical use by those with certain health conditions.  Marijuana addiction can occur over time due to overuse and abuse of the drug, and for those who have had the disease of addiction present in their family history.  When the endocannabinoid system in the body is overly stimulated, this can lead to a risen tolerance and marijuana dependence addiction. Simply because marijuana’s reputation of being non-habit-forming exists does not mean that marijuana dependence can’t occur.

What does marijuana addiction look like?

For those who are close to or who are suffering from marijuana dependence addiction – there are symptoms and signs of marijuana addiction that become apparent over long periods of abuse. Common symptoms are red eyes, slow reaction time, impaired judgment and reaction times, issues in learning and memory, overeating, constantly feeling hungry and dry mouth.

In addition to the inability to properly function without the use of marijuana, those who suffer from marijuana dependence addiction also are susceptible to other side effects of drug abuse, including loss of control, sleep problems, financial troubles, stealing, and lying to arrange money to buy the drug, and marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

If you have begun using marijuana recreationally and now fear that it has developed into a full-blown addiction, there is help.

Addiction recovery programs are designed specifically to help those who find themselves addicted to and dependent on the use of marijuana in their everyday lives. Nothing about marijuana addiction is safe, despite the drug’s somewhat safe reputation. A proper recovery program is necessary to stop this addiction and return your life to what it was prior to addiction.