Four Main Types of Band Saws Available in the Market

Band saw is a tool used for cutting, mainly in the metal-working industry and woodworking. You only need a little experience to start working with the band saws. There are different types, and shapes of the saw, each having a different purpose. In this article, I will look at the various types available in the market.

Band saws are categorized based on two perspectives: according to the shape and the purpose or user application. The price for each type differs from another type. Some band saw types include: meat band saw, metal band saw, wood band saw, bench top band saw.

Meat band saw

Nearly all big butcheries in Kenya, especially the ones in urban areas, have this tool. The saw is made of stainless steel, which can be cleaned and maintained easily. They help in cutting thick bones quickly and are also used for cutting steak. Also, you can use a meat band saw for making spout and mincer.

Metal band saw

Mainly they are used for cutting strong metals. Their blade is always set at low speeds to cut through the metal effectively. The blade consists of series of teeth in every inch, making the saw more efficient. Metal band saws are classified into two: horizontal and vertical band saws.

The horizontal band saws affect the band saws price in Kenya separately from vertical ones. Horizontal ones are used to cutting down massive metals into versatile and smaller sizes. By bringing the metal into manageable size, improves the comfortability of the job. Vertical types are used for polishing, contour cutting, and fling.

Wood band saw

Wood band saws are placed on a table, and they are the most helpful tool for carpenters. It is user-friendly as it can be used by both amateur and professional woodworkers. Wood saws are of various types depending on their purpose. The types include double cut, head, and resaw.

Double cut consists of cutting teeth on both sides of the blade. They are mainly used for industrial purposes. Also, double cuts are used in cutting metals and plastics.

They are efficient for cutting timbers into respective smaller sizes. Through the availability of tiny kerfs, timber is utilized since it is not wasted.

The blade of the head saws has large silver teeth. The teeth are spaced 2-3 feet apart to have more impact on the wood. They cut hardwoods like Cherry and Oak.

Benchtop band saw

As the name suggests, they are placed on the top of a bench. They produce more power in a short space. They are primarily used in home workshops for cutting quickly. Due to compact sizes, they can fit in a small space.


It does not need a lot of experience to work with band saws. With all the types of band saws, you can achieve all cutting tasks. Each band saw should be used appropriately based on its purpose to avoid destroying the blade teeth.

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