Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans: Three Types of Obsolescence 

One of the inherent challenges of commercial real estate investing is that markets, properties, return expectations, and physical environments are always changing. As such, a commercial property may be cash flow positive one day and negative the next due to shifts in tenant preferences or other factors. This form of risk is known as “obsolescence” in the real estate industry, and there are three categories that commercial real estate investors should be aware of.

Functional Obsolescence

The deterioration of a property’s functional capacity owing to changes in market tastes and/or norms is known as functional obsolescence. In other words, when a property’s design, style, amenities, or technology no longer satisfy the needs and/or expectations of modern renters, it may become functionally obsolete.

There are two sorts of functional obsolescence: “curable” and “incurable,” depending on the situation. If the property has curable functional obsolescence, it could be renovated or upgraded in a cost-effective manner to bring it up to modern standards. If a property has incurable functional obsolescence, it can’t be improved or isn’t cost-effective to do so.

Economic Obsolescence 

Economic obsolescence, also known as external obsolescence, is the loss of a property’s market value owing to external circumstances that the owner cannot control. Changes in traffic patterns, zoning changes, flight patterns changes, construction of public nuisance projects, growing crime, and job loss are all common reasons for economic obsolescence. Economic obsolescence is, unfortunately, almost always incurable. They may have to sell the property at a loss or find other means to deal with the loss of value in many circumstances.

Physical Obsolescence

. Physical degradation is unavoidable in all real estate assets over time, but it can be controlled with a proactive maintenance and replacement program. True physical obsolescence occurs when maintenance standards are disregarded and the property declines to the point of becoming unusable.

The danger of obsolescence as an investment is that it comes swiftly and the property owner never sees it coming. As a result, it’s critical to think about each of the above sorts when investing in a property.

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