Electrical Services that Require a Professional Electrician, Not a DIY

Are you someone who likes to fix things at home without any help? You may believe that employing a professional is a waste of money and that YouTube tutorials are the way to go. Some tasks around the home do make a great weekend DIY project, but others are best left to the electrician.

When electrical issues are mishandled, you may be creating a more significant and more expensive problem to fix in the long run. Most importantly, you are placing the safety of you and your family at risk.

Professionals recommend hiring knowledgeable electrical experts who understand the intricate design of electrical systems. Even if you think you can do it yourself, and while it may be tempting, it is best to be 100% sure. Here are a few standard services that require the help of a trained professional electrician.

1. TV Wall Mount Installation

When mounting your TV to the wall, there are many factors to think about. For example, a tv wall mount installation can be carried out more efficiently if conducted by an experienced electrical technician. You would be saving yourself both time and money.

According to the ACCC, around 50 Australians per week are injured by falling furniture or TVs. So, don’t mess around with safety when it comes to TVs. Professional electricians are aware of these hazards and can ensure that the TV is anchored into the wall properly to prevent these accidents from affecting loved ones.

Going to the trouble of mounting your TV up can cause you a severe headache. Not hiding the cables properly and cutting into your wall to hide these cables is definitely not a job you are qualified to do. A professional will consider what electrical or plumbing devices are located inside the wall and will be able to see if anything may block the path to connect up your TV. Leaks and electrocution are severe risks, so this is something you should leave up to the professionals.

2. Lighting Repairs and Installations

Regardless if you are upgrading to new lighting, building a new home, or simply repairing your current lighting, speak to the experts in electrical installation. Performing the installation yourself is very risky and dangerous.

How to place lighting fixtures and what type to place requires experience to create a better and more attractive lighting design. Experienced electricians know how powerful a light you will need to create specific lighting effects. They will know how to make the interior of your home more captivating without generating harsh shadowing or unpleasant glares.

Your home must abide within the safety restrictions against the National Electrical Code. The implementation of the NEC varies from state to state. A qualified electrician will understand your area’s code and make sure that your lighting lives up to these standards.

3. PowerPoints and Switches

Power points that are warm to touch have exposed wiring or even give a minor shock are all indications that there is internal damage that an experienced electrician should explore.

With a lack of power points or additional extension cord cables around your home, the installation of extra power points should be taken into consideration. There should be an assigned PowerPoint for each regularly used appliance. Although, do not attempt any electrical outlet wiring on your own. There is complex wiring involved, and without an electrician with sufficient training and knowledge of electrical systems, there is the likelihood of creating a severe fire risk to your property and its occupants.

4. Switchboard Upgrade

A switchboard is a primary device used for your property’s electrical system. You may need a switchboard upgrade to keep up to date with new technology or prevent the switchboard from becoming too worn down.

A licenced electrician can thoroughly inspect the switchboard system and provide a report of a switchboard upgrade. For example, suppose you have an issue where a burning wire smell is coming from the switchboard. In that case, an electrician will be able to replace the old switchboard that was overheating with new high quality, commercial switchboard. The new system can lessen the possibility of the system failing and overheating.

Many homeowners do not inspect their switchboard as much as they should. Without notice, this can bring on problems over time. Professional electricians can quickly be hired to come over to your home at any time of the day to examine if it is operating at its full ability and is not faulty.

Choosing the right electrician

Making a call to an electrical service can seem simple enough, but it is important to note that not all electricians are the same. However, there are fundamental qualities and attributes that you should look for when hiring an electrician.

The first move is to determine your budget. Look for electricians that will work around that budget. Narrow down your choices by checking their credentials, experience and reviews. It is crucial to hire an electrician with a current and valid state licence to carry out electrical work and proof of appropriate insurance cover. Electrical work is far too dangerous to be left to someone whose experience, knowledge and professionalism are below standard.

By asking the right questions, you can make certain that the professional electrician you hire will complete your project to carry out the appropriate safety precautions and ensure that the task is achieved to a high standard.

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