Chelsea Players Who Could Beat You at Poker

Soccer is a physically intense game, and most players have their own unique way of unwinding after a match. Like most Canadians today, some Chelsea players also opt to play poker online to de-stress. 

Online poker has also become a go-to pass time for Canadians for a variety of reasons. People who don’t want to go through the hassle of playing console games are most likely to gravitate towards online casinos. If you’re one of them, Kevin N. Cochran has a list of best online casino Canada reviews for you to explore. In this article, however, we’re going to look at which Chelsea players are most likely to beat you at poker. Not all of them currently play poker, but theorizing based on their on-field skills is a safe bet. 

John Terry in the House

In his 27 years of playing soccer, Terry was loyal to Chelsea for 19 of them, until 2017. He has won five Premier League titles, five FA Cups, and the UEFA Champions League, among other achievements. He has defended his team at four major international tournaments and earned 78 caps for his country, England!

At the poker table, he commands the same level of respect and for a valid reason. It is very difficult to bluff and play games with his tight and aggressive style on the table. He also plays quite regularly for charity and wins for a purpose. 

Eden Hazard, the Master Bluffer

This Belgian winger has been an unpredictable gamble for Chelsea. His opponents never know what he’s going to do next, and that trait follows him onto the poker table. He is tricky to play with and finds himself winning in most circumstances. Try not to get distracted with his smile, for it has taken down several poker players.

Eden Hazard is yet another player who plays for charity and goes the extra mile to organize poker games where participants can play with him in person. He is most certainly one of the best canadian online casino bonuses poker players online and if you want to know how he strategizes his play beforehand, take a look at his YouTube channel where he posts his online poker games. 

Frank Lampard, the Pace Controller

This soccer legend has seen everything that the game has to offer. He is one of the reasons Chelsea has ruled the midfield for several years  running. Football for Frank Lampard is quite literally in his blood. Lampard had his career carved out for him, son of Frank Lampard Sr, former Westham defender, Grandson of Harry Redknapp, another Westham player, and cousin of Liverpool’s Jamie Redknapp. 

Lampard, like fine wine, has aged brilliantly on and off the field. He likes to control the pace of the game, even on the poker table, and prefers to be in control at all times. Bluffing would be completely out of the question as he can see it coming from a mile off, just like on the field.

Tony Cascarino Enjoys Retirement with Poker

The self-proclaimed fake Irishman has had an exciting football career. Starting with Gillingham in 1982, he went on to represent the Republic of Ireland internationally, qualifying through his adopted Irish grandfather. He was also eligible to play for Scotland and Italy due to his Scottish and Italian descent. He is known to be a calm and composed player on the field, but that did not translate to his poker playing skills. 

The former Chelsea striker and current talkSPORT presenter has earned a reputable name as a poker player. His aggressive decision-making skills and calm composure have aided his poker face. He has made a fair amount of money playing poker after his retirement. He has appeared on the television series Celebrity Poker Club and has commentated on the partypoker poker den. 


Whether it’s experienced players like Tony and Terry or inexperienced players like Lampard, Poker is a game most soccer players take to like a duck to water. The transition of their skills on the field to the poker table is seamless in most cases. After all, why wouldn’t one play online poker in their free time? It is a great stress buster and easily accessible now that it’s all digital. Poker going online was a game-changer for not only online casinos but also for the people who grew up thinking they’d have to visit Texas to have a shot at the game. 

Soccer players today have the luxury of trying  online poker and even playing for charitable causes. While it was fun speculating and scouting for Chelsea players who play and could be great poker players, it is time for you to give online casinos a shot. Maybe you could even win a chance to play with Eden Hazard in his next event. Good Luck!