Care and Maintenance Tips for Partial Denture Users

The National Survey of Adult Oral Health reports that over 15% of the Australian adult population wear removable dentures. Brisbane is one of the major cities in Queensland. It has some of the highest reported numbers regarding oral health issues. It has made partial denture implants in Brisbane a growing need among the adult population. Just like natural teeth, people who have denture implants must carefully clean them every day to remove food residue, chemicals, microbes, and debris stuck in the gaps. When one discovers damages or infections, they must replace the dentures. By maintaining dentures, one can ensure that they have a longer lifespan and avoid additional dental problems.

Partial Dentures and How They Are Different from Complete Dentures

Dentures are removable replacements for the missing teeth and surrounding tissue to help people have a smoother and normal oral use and well-being. Dentures come in two main types, partial and complete implants. Dentists install complete dentures when all the teeth fall out or are missing, mostly seen among the older population. They opt to install partial dental implants when a few teeth go missing, or some natural teeth remain in the mouth. Adults who have been in accidents, sportspersons, or those with oral conditions prefer partial denture implants in Brisbane. Partial dentures or bridges fill the spaces of the missing teeth and are removable as they clasp to the gum or the adjacent crown. They help prevent the surrounding teeth from changing their positions and assist people in resuming normal speech, eating and drinking habits.

Taking Care of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures work their best when they are well taken care of. The process is easy too, as they are removable. Here are a few simple steps that one can follow to keep them healthy.

Clean Them Twice a Day

Just like normal teeth, oral hygiene extends to artificial teeth as well. The wearer must clean every corner of the denture, the gums and teeth that hold the partial denture in the mouth. Those who use partial dentures must clean them at least twice a day, if not after every meal. They can clean the dentures using a brush with soft bristles using a cleaning solution prescribed by the dentist or with mild cleaning products.

Do Not Drop Them

While cleaning them, users must make sure that they don’t drop them. Dropping the dentures on hard surfaces could cause breakage and damage, rendering them useless and also wasteful. They can use a clean bowl of water on a tabletop and a towel to ensure that they don’t damage.

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Do Not Wear Them to Sleep

Dentures, unlike natural teeth, require some time off from the pressure and the grind produced in the mouth. As they are artificially implanted, the mouth requires a break from the dentures as well. Therefore, one must remove them before they go to sleep. Wearing them all night could induce pain in the wearer and damage to the partial denture.

Soak Them in Water Overnight

When dentures become dry or interact with the elements in the air, they could become brittle or warp over time. To avoid this and retain their shape, one must store them in cold water or a cleaning solution while keeping them overnight.

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Visit the Dentist Regularly

Wearing dentures is not a one-time solution. Sometimes dentures don’t adjust well in the mouth of the new users, or they might not fit snugly among long-time users, or some might find themselves unable to chew, experience infections, change in facial features etc. To ensure that the dentures and gums are healthy, one must visit their oral health specialist and have them checked regularly.

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