4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect School Shoes

School children spend more than half a day at school in the same pair of shoes, pretty much every day, for hundreds of days every school year. And because of this, one must be cautious when choosing such a pair of shoes for the kids. Below are the four things you should consider when looking for the perfect pair of school shoes.

1. Choose the Right Fit

Make sure to measure your child’s feet before buying new shoes. Have your child stand up while measuring their feet to get the proper measurement for their length and width.

Additionally, it is important to resist the urge to buy shoes with a size ‘allowance.’ You might think you are saving money in the long run by buying shoes that are too big for your child’s feet in hopes that it would last them a longer time, but in reality, shoes that are too big will wear out and get the soles thinner faster as your child walks and drags them along the ground. Ideally, the perfect shoe size feels comfortable with just enough toe room. Shoes that fit well will provide support and protection to your child’s growing feet.

2. Consider the Materials Used

When buying school shoes, make sure that they are durable and have a sturdy rubber outsole and a shock-absorbing midsole to allow active children to move around comfortably.

A good pair of shoes should have secure fasteners to hold the foot firmly. Shoelaces, buckles, and Velcro straps are uniformly good as adjustable fasteners to ensure appropriate fastening mechanisms. On the other hand, slip-on shoes cannot be adjusted and must be avoided when buying shoes, especially for younger children.

Furthermore, an active child must have shoes made from quality breathable material such as leather to keep perspiring feet in a breathable and water-resistant setting, reducing the risk of fungal infections and smelly feet!

3. Flexibility

School shoes should be comfortable. A good pair of shoes must be flexible in the front. It should be able to bend and flex, but just at the ball of the foot to allow for easy movement.

However, your child’s shoes should not be too flexible. Shoes that are easily twisted don’t render adequate support. It should not flex at the midpoint of the shoe, nor should it be too rigid. The perfect shoe should fit and feel just right.

4. Don’t Forget the Price!

Raising children is not cheap, and the budget is usually one of the most important factors to consider when buying anything. Price ranges for all types of shoes depending on several tangible and intangible determinants such as the branding and the materials used. Higher quality shoes are usually a more expensive choice.

Factor in the specific things you need for the school shoes, then see what fits your budget. This way, you don’t have to spend more than you have to. However, do not forget to consider the many advantages of investing in a pair of quality shoes for your child’s feet.

For example, leather shoes are a much expensive option than synthetic ones, but they surely are made to last longer, and they allow your child’s feet to breathe. Additionally, a sturdier pair of shoes are usually stitched instead of glued.

In conclusion, not all shoes are made equal. So, consider the factors above in choosing the perfect pair of shoes your dear child would wear for school!

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