Where did Essence Breads come from?

This bread was originally called “Essene Bread. “The Essenes were a group of people living thousands of years ago in Palestine. The tradition of making Essene bread is discussed in the Essene Gospels, a translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Essenes would sprout their grains, mash them up, and set them in the sun to dry.

This sacred bread-making tradition has been handed down over the ages. I decided to change the name to Essence Bread because the loaves hold the essence of life. Sprouted grains have a great amount of potential energy, and drying them in the sun concentrates the essential life force contained within.

Essence Breads are created by sprouting grains such as wheat, rye, oat, and kamut or seeds like buckwheat. These grains and seeds are then dried at a low enough temperature (108°F) to ensure enzyme protection. Essence Breads can be used as a live alternative to overly processed baked bread, in rawiches or as pizza crusts.

Essene bread

You can dry Essence Breads slightly for a soft, doughy texture, or dry the bread totally for a crispy texture that makes great chips and crackers and increases its storage time. Grains are at their nutritional peak when the sprouting tail is as long as the grain itself. I recommend processing the sprouted grains through a homogenizing juicer with the juicing plate and adding a small amount of water to keep it lubricated.

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Final speech

Removing the glutinous part of the grain makes for easier digestion, especially of wheat, a grain known for its high gluten content. Buckwheat contains no gluten and makes awesome bread. The pulp that comes out of the front of the juicer is the usable part of the grain. If a homogenizing juicer is unavailable, the grain can be ground in a food processor, adding just enough water to form a smooth paste. The dough can be shaped into loaves, sticks, or flat crusts.

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