What to do with an Old Office Printer

The average office printer only lasts between three to five years, and although it can last longer with proper maintenance and care: most don’t. Unfortunately, that creates a huge amount of trash and garbage that ends up in litter, mostly plastic and metal gathering dust when it could have been put to use.

These are the best things anyone can do with an old office printer and why avoiding trashing it is smart.

Recycle It Correctly

E-waste recycling is one of the best ways to ensure your printer lives on forever. Just because something doesn’t work anymore doesn’t mean it’s complete garbage. Instead, consider looking into electronic recycling sites and mail-based services that are glad to recycle your old printer for you. It’s a good idea to check both online and in-person services and find the one that speaks to you the most.

Donate to Organizations

If your printer is still working, consider donating to one of the many organizations out there that could use it. Although some will fix it up to sell it, like Good Will, others will use it in their offices, giving them the chance to print and use paper documents in a way that wasn’t previously available to their business. Don’t be afraid to try new things and figure out a donation style that works for you.

Sell It For Scrap or Whole

Why not make some money off of your old printer? Selling it for parts or whole is an awesome way to make a little money back before you spend some buying a new one. Because printers are heavy, you’ll have to charge more for shipping and handling, but it could be worth it if you find the right customer.

The top places to sell used printers are Craigslist and eBay. Craigslist has obvious perks, including not having to ship it and getting to give it to someone in your community. On the other hand, you’ll have to meet up with someone in person, which many people don’t want to do with a stranger on the internet.

eBay is popular because it allows you to get paid instantly, gives you the chance to charge whatever you want, and you can ship it out when you’re ready to. You also stand to make more money by selling it on eBay.

Research Local Laws Before Trashing

If your printer isn’t working at all, and you can’t find any responsible ways to donate it or recycle it: research the laws in your area before you trash your printer. Some states and cities have laws about which electronic items can be thrown away and which have to be dealt with in a safer manner. Get to know your local laws, and then follow through with whatever option works best for you.

Your Old Printer Doesn’t Have to Land in a Landfill.

Although your old printer might not function and may need to move on to its next phase in life: it doesn’t have to land in a landfill. Take the time to research your options and dispose of them in a way that works.

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