Chin is a central facial feature that plays a crucial role in the delicate facial balance. A received or under-projected chin can make one feel self-conscious. This can lead to a lack of definition in the back and a double chin. All of this can impact self-confidence. Chin implant Toronto is the ideal way to target this concern. The custom-tailored approach helps one to meet personal goals and desired looks. It can transform the appearance without altering the shape of the chin.

What happens during the chin implant surgery?

During the pre-operative appointment, the ideal implant size is chosen. The surgery is quick and takes about an hour. For the surgery, the patient is put under general anaesthesia. A small incision about 2-3 cm is made inside the lower lip where the gums and mucosal tissue meet. The incision can also be made underneath the chin. The implant is usually porous which lets it be locked in place when healing Is going on. A precise pocket is created which enables a harmonized long lasting fit. The procedure is minimally invasive. After the incision has been made, the implant is inserted. Removable or dissolvable sutures are used for closing the incision. Medical tape is used to cover it.

Are the results permanent?

Chin implants are permanent and require almost no maintenance. They can serve one for a lifetime if there are no issues. After the implant has been placed, one becomes accustomed to it quickly. It begins to feel like a part of the body soon after the recovery. This allows you to carry on without life without thinking about them. If in future, you ever want to undo the implant they can easily be removed. After that, the issues easily return to their previous appearance. A small faint scar might be left behind.

Are there any risks associated with it?

The surgery is not high-risk. Considerations for anaesthesia that are present for all surgeries exist for chin augmentation as well. It includes chances of bleeding, infection and malposition of the implant. Apart from that, there are no severe risks that are present concerning the procedure.

What to expect during the recovery?

Once you’ve woken up after the surgery you can return home with a friend or a family member. You need to return home with a caregiver as the effect of anaesthesia will still be present. Before leaving you will be provided with antibiotics and pain medication to ensure you are comfortable. A list of post-care instructions will be given that need to be followed.

It is recommended to take about a week off from your routine. After the surgery you might experience swelling, it is advised to rest and keep the head elevated. To hold the implant in place, you will have to wear a soft strap. Maintaining oral hygiene is crucial to ensure that the incision is healing well. You will be advised on the foods that are safe to eat. During the first few weeks avoid bending over or any strenuous activities as it can increase blood pressure.