Types of Promotional bags: take advantage of a wide choice of models to choose better

Beyond their practicality, bags are an excellent method of business promotion. These accessories make it possible to carry out street-marketing, a new very economical advertising strategy that directly affects the public. There is a wide choice of materials to create the advertising bags.

Cotton bags benefits

Buste personalizzate also called promotional tote bag; cotton bags are very trendy and predominate in the promotional bag market. The accessory was made with 100% natural organic cotton. Companies use this tote bag to print their logo and brand. To do this, all you have to do is tint it in pantone color in order to place the visual on it. Practical, the container can be used as a beach bag or a shopping bag.

Choosing this type of fabric means choosing suitable and environmentally responsible communication. Indeed, the material offers a wide choice of customizations. In addition, you benefit from an alternative between the 2 cottons to find personalized fabric bags. Indeed, there are Canvas cotton and Twill cotton. The first category is a canvas used in needlepoint tapestries. The fabric is made with coarse cotton or linen threads. The second option makes use of weft threads and warp threads for weaving and best to use.

Luxury paper advertising bags benefits

The luxury paper bags are among the most stylish accessories promotional bags. Moreover, this model is very popular with perfumers, ready-to-wear, as well as health institutes. These types of accessories come in a few sizes, including:

– In small formats;

– In large formats;

In cosmetic formats.

This category also includes bottle paper bags. These accessories are used by companies operating in the spirits refinement sector. This type of bag makes it easier to transport bottles of champagne, wine and alcohol.

In order to bring a personal touch to the container, companies add a few elements as decorations. They complete the bag with gloss or mast lamination, embossing, flat or cord handles as well as protective varnishes. In addition, the manufacture of these accessories involves complex procedures. Therefore, their cost remains high. Nevertheless, they perfectly convey your brand image.

Craft paper bags benefits

The craft paper bags were designed with very sturdy paper. The material is sulphate based. The paper offers the possibility of endlessly customizing the accessory. Moreover, for the sake of aesthetics, you benefit from a multiple choice between the different types of handles. Indeed, there is the twisted handle, ribbon and the cut handle. The container is also 100% recyclable. It is the perfect choice if you are reluctant to use a plastic bag as a means of promotingbuste di carta your brand must try this buste di carta

The craft paper bag is also used in the food sector and in the world of cosmetics. The biodegradable container is delivered with or without handles, depending on the choice of the company. In addition, it is possible to print through its entire surface in order to benefit from better visibility.

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