The Second Anniversary of Pocket7Games


The Pocket7Games app is now two years old. It’s a joyous occasion because the app is offering some awesome rewards to help you make extra cash playing skill games. If you download the app and sign up, you will be able to get rewards for the second anniversary of the app going live. Whether you’re looking for quick and easy gameplay or want to win real money, there are plenty of reasons to play games on the Pocket7Games app. With a new One vs. Many game mode and events announced through the app’s Facebook page, you can’t go wrong.

One vs. Many

The first time you play the new One vs. Many game mode, the app will give you 10 additional Gems as a reward. Besides this initial reward, you will also be able to make extra cash playing against more than one opponent. Make more money in a shorter amount of time! The more that you risk playing skill games against two or three players, the more you will win back. You can double or triple your rewards by playing against more than one player. Get started by playing the One vs. Many game mode and winning real money.

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Deposit Rewards

Players can also win more money with any deposit during the second anniversary celebration. When you make any deposit, the app will give you an additional 150 Gems. That’s right. 150 Gems for free. This is a great time to get your friends to download the app on the app store and sign up to start playing games. Then you will have access to legit payout via trustworthy payment channels.

Lucky Card Rewards

In addition to the One vs. Many Mode and deposit rewards, Pocket7Games is offering a reward up to $1,000 for their Lucky Card event. If you’re lucky, you may find $1,000 waiting for you on your Lucky Card. With legit payout via trustful payment channels, you will be able immediately any money you win from cash games into your bank account.

Download the App Today!

If you want to have some fun, make money, and play against friends and strangers, Pocket7Games is for you. Now is the time to download the app! If you get started and play while the app is offering rewards for their second anniversary, you’ll be able to start off on the right foot and start making extra cash by simply playing fun games. What are you waiting for? Download Pocket7Games today to get started. Win rewards, play against other players, and have a ton of fun while you’re at it. Pocket7Games is the place for low-risk but high reward skills games!

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