Some Special Categories of Food

The four primary categories of living foods are fresh food, sprouted food, cultured food, and dehydrated food. Fresh food is any type of raw food that is ready for use in its vibrant unadulterated form. Examples of fresh foods are fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, and other harvested food. Fresh foods represent the element of Water and are life giving. Sprouted food is any type of seed, nut, grain, or bean that has been soaked in water, exposed to air and indirect sunlight, and, when rinsed daily, forms a new plant, beginning with a sprout.

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Some examples are almond sprouts, buckwheat sprouts, sunflower sprouts, and mung bean sprouts. Sprouted foods represent the element of Air and are regenerating and cleansing. Cultured food is any type of food that has had a beneficial culture introduced into it (acidophilus, koji, and bifidus, for example). These cultures then grow and proliferate within the food. Some examples are miso, amazake, seed cheeze, kimchee, and tofu.

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Cultured foods represent the element of Fire and are energizing and transformational. Dehydrated foods are those from which the water has been removed through gentle drying at low heat. Some examples are dried fruits, Essene bread, and dried herbs. Dehydrated foods represent the element of Earth and are very grounding and sustaining. Eating 100 percent raw food is easy.

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Fresh Food

By increasing the quantity of fresh foods in a cooked diet, the cleansing process begins and helps flush out old toxins and the addictions that go with them. Greens and fresh fruits are especially helpful in pushing harmful debris out of the cells and the colon. These two primary raw food sources allow a person in transition to adjust his body to eating more and more raw food.

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As a person feels fuller and more nourished from eating raw foods, he may begin to experiment with letting go of cooked food. The cultured foods will really help initiate this by increasing the amount of assimilation through proper intestinal flora. Dehydrated foods will also assist a person craving for something heavy. The chart here shows an ideally balanced raw food diet that can be continued throughout one’s life.

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