Plantation Shutter buying guide

Below is a list of the top 10 things to know before buying plantation shutters. These are important aspects to consider before you invest in the best curtains on the market today.

Size changes overall appearance

Once you’re done, knowing how you want your room to feel is important to your Plantation shutters near me selection process. Do you want the modern feel of clean, open windows, or do you want a traditional feel in your home with classic double-hung shutters? With thousands of design options, we can guide you through options, costs and best sales in the industry.

Why are they called “plantation shutters”?

You may hear or see the term “plantation shutters.” Wood shutters are traditionally called plantation shutters because their size and appearance are often reminiscent of antebellum plantations in the southeastern United States. Typically, this type of shutter is used for larger windows and has the largest shutters.

The size of the blinds usually depends on the size of the window; larger windows can accommodate larger blinds. Our design consultants can advise you based on aesthetics and your personal taste. We can even place samples in three sizes in one in your window. You can see the improved curb appeal from the street through the windows before you buy it. There’s nothing better than a home consultation – and it’s free.

Installation problems have several causes

You must have a qualified installer to ensure that the shutters are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, or you may void the warranty. Attention to detail is important when installing wood shutters, so the frame remains completely true and square to avoid pinching of the hinges and stress on the shutter panels that can cause warping.

Remember that blinds absorb 100% of the UV rays that pass through the windows. It has to be tough at first, but if an inexperienced installer doesn’t take the time to fully level the frame, the shutters will eventually bend into their new shape, causing cracks, warping, and damage. You can avoid this and enjoy a full warranty by choosing a dealer with factory-certified installers. Compared to the 25 to 50 years your blinds can last, the cost is negligible and fully covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty.

Some small upgrades make a big difference in the look

The shutter has a number of inexpensive lifts that can greatly improve the look and feel of the whole. These include pull-up lids, locking lids, and hidden hinges, to name a few. Below are pictures of these accessories that can be added to the caps at a nominal price of $ 25 at the door (some hinges are hidden. They come in a nickel finish brush and match all white, white, and stained wooden shutters. hands are shaking and pulling handles even protect the blind from unsuspecting adults who may not know how to open the door properly.

Materials Matter in Plantation Shutter Construction

Wood is the most traditional material used in plantation shutter construction, but in some areas, wood is not the best choice for shutters. We do not recommend wood shutters (or faux wood) in bathrooms, attics, and garages due to its vulnerability to moisture and humidity.

Plantation shutters can be powered

Advances in motorized blinds are exponentially improving your options in 2018. There are many reasons to invest in motorized window shades, including the fact that motors are becoming more reliable, cost-effective and efficient, so batteries can last longer on a single charge.

The blinds can also be electrically tilted to open at a certain time of day (imagine waking up to automatic blinds in your bedroom). And they can also be programmed to tilt off in the heat of the day. This ensures protection of your fabrics, carpets and wood floors by blocking UV rays every day. Programming and operation of this remote is very simple, one remote can control all blinds individually or at once.

Know the cost of high quality shutters

The worst mistake you can make along the way is deciding to invest in wooden shutters for your home, only to buy low-quality shutters that won’t stand the test of time. Plantation shutters from national manufacturers are tested, warranted, and stand the test of time for decades. Well-known manufacturers such as Graber, Norman, Eclipse and Timber know what it takes to produce high-quality shutters. It is also very important to understand the cost of a quality product.

The quality of shutter production varies widely, so know what you’re getting

Blinds can be manufactured in your hometown, in the U.S. or overseas. You should know the details of your blinds and how to make the best decision. You should ask what type of joinery the shutters are made of (dowels or mortise and tenon). There are also hundreds of wood curing and treatment options that can significantly change the life of your blinds or cause them to warp prematurely, so ask how the wood is cured. Lastly, the painting and finishing process is critical to keeping your blinds looking good for decades.


When you decide to buy Plantation shutters for your home, the investment you make will last. However, it’s important to understand the options and upgrades available to you so that your project will pay off and last for decades. Blinds purchases make a lot of sense, but for many of our clients, improving curb appeal, light control, and increasing home value is worth it,