The use of air conditioning is a must in most homes especially in tropical countries like Singapore. This makes it very important to ensure that the aircon systems are fully functional before, during and even after you have made use of them. If you live in a condominium or apartment building, there may be someone who takes care of this for you but if you own your house, then it is best that you do these things yourself because not only will it save some money but your air conditioning system will also function better and last longer.

How to Maintain an Air Conditioner

If you are using window or split type air conditioning systems, check these things regularly:

  • Check whether all windows are closed tightly. If not, block up the open spaces with old newspapers before switching on the air conditioning system. This will prevent cool air from escaping out of your house. Clean any accumulated dust on the outside unit once every month. When doing this, unplug or switch off your air conditioner first then clean it with water mixed with some detergent to remove all dirt and dust that may be stuck onto it.
  • Typically, on average, residential air conditioner servicing should be carried out every 12 months by qualified air conditioner specialists. Contrastingly, commercial air conditioners should be serviced every 6 months due to their heavier usage.
  • Wipe dry after washing with clean cloths. If you have the time, vacuum the inside of your air conditioner’s fan coils to remove all dust particles stuck on there. This will not only keep it clean but also help prolong its life because if dirt gets into the components and causes them to fail, then they have to be replaced which means spending money again.
  • Sensible precautions must be taken when cleaning a window or split type air conditioning unit. First thing is that you should never try to work with your machine plugged in while someone else turns on both switches? Always check for live wires before touching anything on the unit since electric shocks can kill! In case of an accident, make sure someone uses CPR on you immediately.
  • Furthermore, during winter months when windows are closed, I would recommend that you turn off your air conditioner a few days before taking a bath. Turn it back on immediately after leaving the shower or tub because moisture can enter into the machine and cause damage to its inner components.

Make an appointment with a professional cheap aircon servicing in Singapore technician if you notice any of these problems:

  • The temperature of your house doesn’t change when it is switched on, even though you have adjusted the thermostat dial.
  • There is no cool air coming out of your vents or some part of your system stops working while still plugged in. There may be electrical problems. If this happens during summer then there could be more serious issues such as internal leaks.
  • Your house become warmer than usual and has a musty smell. This is usually a sign that mold has grown somewhere in the system. This can be really dangerous because it may cause health problems when breathing in these spores, especially for people with asthma or allergies.
  • Your air conditioner is always leaking water. There could be damage to some components which are letting coolant out of the system. If this is not fixed soon, it will corrode other key parts resulting in more damage and expenses later on. Always have your aircon systems checked by cheap aircon servicing Singapore if any of these things happen even if you don’t use them very often just so that you know they are still safe to use.

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