How to Support Your Grandparents Remotely

Being a grandparent is one of life’s greatest blessings. Grandparents are able to provide unconditional love to their grandkids while receiving lots of love in return, and they only have to do the “fun” stuff. Grandparents are often able to take their grandchildren to the zoo, movie theaters, ball games, and more.

Often, grandparents don’t get to see enough of their grandkids, especially if they live far away. So, how can grandkids stay connected and support this mutually-needed bond with their grandparents when they live miles apart?

Distance doesn’t have to destroy this valuable relationship, especially in this day and age of technology. Follow these tips to nurture a close and loving relationship between your kids and grandparents.

Use Video Calling

Apps like Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom allow grandkids to see their grandparents on the computer or phone screen. Although it isn’t the same as hugging them, video calls are easy to set up and are better than simple voice calls. You kids will be able to actually see their grandparents, allowing them to show off their new favorite toy, stunts on the trampoline, or pencil drawing they made at school.

Video calls can often make you feel like you’ve actually been together. They will be able to sing songs, read books, and even play games together in real time. Fit video calling into your weekly routine that everyone can look forward to. This will keep your kids and their grandparents close and connected.

Send Mail

There is something personal and affectionate about writing an old-fashioned letter. Often, grandparents aren’t tech-savvy and using video calling software can get confusing and frustrating for them. Plus, kids love receiving things in the mail!

Grandparents can send small packages here and there, full of coloring books, stickers, and more. And their grandchildren can create beautiful drawings to send in the mail along with pictures at their basketball tournament or graduation.

Magazine Subscriptions

Sometimes, it can be hard for kids to keep a conversation going with older adults. Grandparents can purchase a magazine and have it sent to both them and their grandkids. The next time they talk on the phone, this will open something new up that they can talk about.

This will allow them both to have a shared interest that they can discuss their likes and dislikes about. Older kids can even choose to read the same book at the same time as a grandparent and have a small virtual book club with their grandparents and the other grandchildren.

Teach Something New

There is no doubt that grandparents have a lot that they can teach their kids. On their video calls, grandparents can teach their grandkids something new. Grandma can share how to make her famous homemade cookies or grandpa can share how to change the oil in a car.

This will create long-lasting experiences that the grandkids can always look back on.

Play Games

The power of the internet allows people to play games with each other, no matter how far apart they are. Grandparents can choose to play card games, crosswords, chess, and more, all on their video call. Alternatively, if they are more tech-savvy, they may be able to play computer games online with their grandchildren.

Playing games online will likely be entertaining for the grandkids. Playing games, whether online or through video, will create shared experiences and give grandparents and grandchildren even more to talk about.

Watch Movies Together

Through your video call, you can even watch movies together online! Programs like Netflix Party and Hulu Watch Party allow video calls while a movie is playing. The movie plays in real time at the same time for everyone on the call. This allows grandparents and grandkids to watch a movie together and react to the movie together at the same time.

This will also create something for them both to talk about at the end of the movie.


It is equally important for grandkids and grandparents to stay connected. Nurturing a close and loving relationship between your kids and their grandparents has multiple amazing benefits. The grandparents will get the socialization they need and will be able to give unconditional love to their grandkids. The grandkids will be able to provide the same unconditional love while learning long-lasting lessons, hearing insightful stories, and having lots of laughs!

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