How To Manage Online Customer Reviews?

Do you run an enterprise? Then definitely, your business also gets some reviews on various review platforms, including good or bad reviews. But the question is, How do we manage all the customer reviews? The management of online reviews is a lot more complex than it may appear. You’ll need to spend a lot of time and energy to keep your brand’s reputation intact. Managing online customer reviews requires a strategic approach and Digital Marketing Courses In Pune. Having enough customer reviews is essential. The more reviews a business receives, the better its reputation will be.

Tips for managing online customer reviews

Managing customer online reviews or feedback is a very tedious task, but with the help of proven tips, you can manage them easily. Below are some convenient tips to help you manage your customer reviews.

Track all the reviews

It can be challenging to keep track of all the reviews, significantly if your business expands to different locations. But for tracking online customer reviews, you must know where all these reviews are. You can also use some tools or software to track all the customer reviews online. Tools like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Product reviews websites are beneficial to track reviews. These websites send a message notification when someone posts or comments a review on your website or your business product.

Make your business page.

You can also take advantage of employee reviews by creating a page on Glassdoor or a review site like Yelp. But this is only if you have enough positive reviews. For example, If your business page has a total of 50 reviews, out of 50, some are positive reviews, and some are negative reviews. When any customer visits your business page, they understand that your business is worthy of trusting and then purchases or deals with your company. That’s how a business helps your business to grow more and is also helpful in managing all the online reviews. These sites allow employees to share their experiences anonymously.

Hire someone to manage all the reviews

The first step in managing online reviews is taking Digital Marketing Training In Pune and ensuring that you have enough reviews. Businesses have so many ways to get these reviews. You can email your customers, contact them via your website, or ask your vendors and suppliers to provide their opinions. It is vital to take an approach that is strategic to the management of customer reviews. Monitor every review posted online and responded promptly.

Your customers often leave reviews on social media platforms, and the second step in managing these reviews is to respond. It is also vital for a company to set up a business account on each site and ensure that their details are correct. This way, your company will receive more positive reviews and keep your brand’s credibility intact. You can hire someone to manage all the reviews regarding your business. Before hiring someone, please

ensure some qualities you need in the employee. The staff you hire must have a strong service attitude towards customers, problem-solving quality, and must be able to make negative comments or review politely.

Give responses to positive reviews.

The amount of positive reviews is higher than the number of negative ones, so a business needs to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Having a good number of positive reviews is an added benefit. However, it is also essential to respond to the reviews received and respond to them quickly and honestly. After all, it is vital to understand your audience and make them feel that their feedback is valuable—the more people who are happy to leave positive comments, the better.

A good customer review can help you attract more customers and keep old ones. It is also essential to learn some hacks related to Digital Marketing Classes In Pune to use some digital marketing hacks to maintain your professional business image. Positive reactions are the most effective way to get customers to your business and enhance profits for your company. Whether a customer leaves a review to express gratitude or criticize the product, the best way to respond is to listen and understand their feedback. Creating different spaces for customers to leave their feedback will also help you increase the number of positive reviews.

Handle negative reviews carefully.

You can learn how to tackle negative customer reviews in several ways, including acknowledging the issues and communicating steps to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future. You can even take the time to address non-negotiable factors that are part of the reviewer’s personal experience with your brand.

The first step in addressing negative reviews is to apologize. While many business owners are tempted to ignore or delete negative reviews, it is vital to take the feedback seriously and use it to improve your business. It is essential to address the issues transparently raised in negative customer reviews and contact the reviewer for more information. Then, follow up with the reviewer as soon as possible to ensure that they feel satisfied with the final product. After receiving negative reviews, you need to respond promptly.

While it can be tricky to deal with angry customers, responding politely is vital. Moreover, responding to angry customers can only alienate more potential customers. While you’re responding to negative reviews, remember that you’re representing a business that is a trusted name in the industry. If you’ve had bad experiences with your business, apologize for them as quickly as possible.

How to ma nage fake reviews?

Using fake reviews can damage the reputation of a business and alienate some clients. As a rule, customers will know if a testimonial is fake and leave a negative impression of your business. It’s also crucial to take action when you read negative reviews even whether they’re not genuine. This is especially true if you are dealing with new customers, and this is one of the essential steps in managing good customer reviews.

If you find any fake reviews on your business, you can ask the review website to remove that review. Every review site has guidelines to differentiate whether the review is fake or genuine.

You can also motivate reviewers to post reviews by their real names, and it will increase the credibility of that business and reduce the possibility of posting fake reviews.

You can also hire some programmers to make code to filter out fake reviews. Programmers can make code based on parameters like more reviews on the same post by the same account, abusing reviews, etc.

Remember to be genuine and respectful when you respond to the feedback. Don’t fake a testimonial, and be sure to ask permission before turning it into an online statement.


The last step in managing these comments is to create different spaces to encourage customers to leave a review. Whether positive or negative, it’s essential to address every review as quickly and politely as possible. If you cannot reach them or are unable to resolve the issue immediately, it is vital to follow up with an apology. An Online Digital Marketing Course can assist you in managing these reviews from customers. Make sure that your review management team keeps analyzing all business reviews. So that when anyone posts bad or fake reviews, it’s easy to find and resolve them effectively.

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