How to Know Who Called You

After you receive phone calls from different people, the call’s recipients may not always be apparent. Callers might have left no identifying details, causing confusion about how to know who called you?

At the basic level, determining who called is simple – you will just look at the incoming call screen that shows you details, such as the numbers they called for and if their names are included.

But for a more advanced search option, this might be challenging to track down. This is why experts have suggested the following ways to enable you to know who called:

1. Carry out a Research Phone Lookup

One of the easiest ways to determine who actually called is to do a reverse phone lookup. So, how can reverse phone lookup benefit you? Some directories may help you find out who called your phone within a few minutes.

All you need to do is type the unknown number, and within a few minutes, the comprehensive tool of your preferred directory will scan billions of records as well as pull up the available results.

2. Dial *69

Almost all phone calls come standard with the caller’s ID nowadays. So you should be able to see the phone number appear after receiving the phone call. But there are several simple ways in which a scammer or person can hide their phone numbers to come up as private, blocked, and unknown.

Although phone numbers are hidden from the caller’s ID, you may still figure out the number by entering the Call Return code of *69. Usually, this code only works on recent calls you have received and should be used within thirty minutes.

3. Reach out to the Phone Provider

If you really need help with consistent spammers, you may contact the phone provider for caller ID services. You can even determine who blocks the caller ID.

Importantly, you may as well request anonymous caller IDs on certain callers. This will enable you to identify spammers and block them.

4. Consider Searching the Web

The best and quickest way to determine whether callers are scammers or legit is to conduct a web search. If you received a phone call, you could search for it online rather than calling it back.

If a reverse phone lookup site heads your search results, it would be safer to say that other individuals have received an unwarranted call from the same phone number and are reported to warn other people.

5. Use Voicemail Services

If you use voicemail services with a carrier, it will be a good idea to consider activating it. Be sure to divert phone calls to a voicemail service so the caller can leave you a message.

This will be a perfect option for identifying phone callers. But this can only work if callers are genuine enough. You won’t get a voice message if the caller comes from a spammer or scamster.

Closing Remarks!

Although many phone calls you get are benign and they are nothing more than just a nuisance, you must be cautious of the unknown calls. Of course, you don’t have to respond to such calls. But if callers are genuine, it will be best to know who called and which message did they leave.

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