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Fashion Marketing Trends 2021

Introduction: Marketing is making a product according to the needs of the customers and promoting and ordination it to the customers.

Fashion merchants have to manage their products so that consumers buy from them instead of their antagonist. So fashion marketers always have to keep an eye on the preferences of the customers.


Marketing Concern:  Marketing Ideas – Businesses scarcity to meet customers’ needs and preferences, meet their scarcity and have a strong concern about their marketing. Fashion products need to be presented so that it attracts the customer’s attention and increases the interest in buying it. Fashion marketers must also keep an eye on the delivery of their products. Must deliver the right product at the right time and the right price. Also, fashion marketers need to be very flattering to please customers. For this, they must take care of the good quality of the production.


Production Concern: Delivering good quality products to customers for less money. The price of the product has to be reduced to increase the demand. The quality of the product must always be good.  Products must be produced and supplied properly.


Sales Concern: Consumers will be able to buy the product in sufficient quantities if it can promote and supply it in sufficient quantity and right.

So for marketing success and to earn more and more, they have to work harder to sell and promote their products.

Always keep in mind the needs of the customers. Customers need to understand which product is most in demand.


Customer demand:  Consumers usually want a good quality product at a low price.

So salespeople need to look at this very well and meet their needs. Also, pay at a price that seems acceptable to customers.

The product’s price has to be fixed by understanding the market, and it is easy for the customer, and it satisfies the desire to buy the product.

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Marketing Functions:

  1. Marketing information management.




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