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Introduction: A fashion designer is a creative person who will create something new using his maximum creativity. In addition to creating fashion apparel, fashion designers spend a lot of time designing using computer software and sorting out proper quality sample fabrics and materials for their products and doing a lot of work to create a clientele for customers, even selling products peddle reservoir.


Note: A vital part of the economy is based on the garment sector. So fashion designers have to think a lot about making clothes to attract people’s attention and be exported to different countries. In this way, the country’s economy is strong and developing. A fashion designer has to pay attention to all these things. So their creativity has to be much broader.


The qualities of a proper fashion designer: Fashion designers have to design products using computer software and work physically accordingly, beyond just their creativity. They also have to spend their talents on their work to design the product well and keep in mind that it is the people’s choice.

Prospects and future fashion scheming on behalf of Bangladesh:   Fashion designers have daedal and originative qualities. A fashion designer is a creative person for various fashion products.


How to become a successful fashion designer:

  1. Highly creative and artistic.
  2. Strong drawing skills.
  3. Good eye for detail.
  4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Understanding texture, colour, and fabric.
  6. A competitive.

Important Facts for Being a Fashion Designer

  1. Job description.
  2. Education requirements.
  3. Years of experience.
  4. Job growth trend.




Qualities of a Successful Fashion Designer:


=> Understand Fashion Trends


=> Good Communication Skills


=> Ability to Critically Think


=> Ability to Visualize


=> Proper Fabric Knowledge


=> Good Sense of Color


=> Expert of Drawing


=> Efficient Operator of Computer


=> Creative Mind


=> Sourcing of Materials


=> Ability to Perfectly Measure

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=> Good Presentation Skill

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