Different types of diet plans

In today’s world, almost everyone is health-conscious, and one must maintain a proper diet to keep up with the current weight. Weight loss is not the only reason to follow a good diet. A meal plan is essential to maintain one’s health and physical body condition. Health-conscious people, models, covid recovered patients, and pregnant ladies follow different meal plans.

A meal plan differs from person to person as the requirement of calories, the intended purpose for following such a plan, age, gender, and physical activity involved is not the same for everyone. For instance, a ten-year-old girl does not require any meal plans as she is still in the growth stage. But, that does not mean she is allowed to consume too much junk or sweet food. A covid recovered patient on diabetic should avoid wheat rotis and rice. This is because they are high in sugar and carbohydrates.

Women’s diet plan

A teenage girl who has just started her menstrual cycle should be extra careful with her diet as there are hormonal changes in the body. Coffee, milk, spicy food, and oily foods should be avoided as they lead to cramps, skin problems, and excessive blood flow with clots. Boiled vegetables, non-oily foods like upma, khichdi, and plain rice are recommended. Older women with irregular periods are advised to eat healthily and have an active lifestyle so that their periods are regulated. Research shows that a good healthy meal plan combined with yoga or some stretches reduces the stress on the lower abdomen and helps in relieving cramps.

Weight loss plan

A typical meal plan of a person trying to lose weight would include high amounts of fibre and protein and minimal processed foods and carbohydrates. The calories a person should consume depend on the person’s metabolic rate. If a person has a higher metabolism, they can consume more calories as compared to people with a slower metabolism.

Many people follow the concept of intermittent fasting. They either follow the 12:12 or 16:8 rule. This means they eat for a few hours and do not consume anything for the rest. This aids in losing tummy fat to a great extent. If this is done in excess and for an extended period, the results might not be as fruitful as they were before because the body gets used to starvation mode and the metabolism of the person goes down.

Keto plan

A keto meal plan is most commonly followed in the age group of 20 to 50. It includes the consumption of good fats and carbs like ghee, cheese, and butter in a proportionate amount. This is under the belief that fat burns fat. The amount of evil and trans fat is eliminated by the excellent fat consumed. Ragi laddoos and ghee rotis are the best types of food one can include in a meal while following keto meal plans.


Many people are turning vegans due to lifestyle changes and recent trends. Many celebrities, upper-class people, and animal lovers adapt to a vegan lifestyle. Vegans do not consume milk, meat, or clothing that involves animal skin, especially leather. In other words, a vegan meal plan involves only consuming plant-based products. Veganism is both a dietary and a lifestyle choice. It depends on the person’s intentions of adapting to such a diet plan. But there are downsides to veganism. Many vital vitamins and nutrients come from animal-based products. So a long-term commitment to veganism can be problematic as well as harmful.

Before committing to a meal plan, one should always be transparent with the purpose. The thought of giving up must be eliminated when committing to a diet plan in the first place.

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