Bonus Features in Megaways Slots

As some of the most popular slot games on the market, Megaways have lots of features that are loved by players – click here today. One of these features are the bonuses that the games have. 

What is Megaways

If you have been using slot machines for any length of time over the past few years, there is a good chance that you would have come across a Megaways slot at some point. These games were so popular at one point that it was hard to find a player that was not using them. Although their popularity has dulled slightly, Megaways remain a well liked slot series. Essentially, these slot games will increase the amount of winning combinations for players. Not just by a small amount either, usually these games will offer over 100,000 different ways for players to win! There are also many different Megaways slot games to choose from, there are original titles as well as classic slots which have been remade.


As you can imagine, a revolutionary feature such as Megaways contains many benefits for players. They will receive specific advantages from using this feature that they would otherwise not receive, the following are just some of those advantages.

  •       More ways to win – The most obvious advantage that comes with using a Megaways slot game is the increased amount of ways that a player can win! Typically this amount is over 100,000 but it can sometimes be even higher! The best part about this is that it doesn’t make the game anymore complicated, the gameplay is still fun and easy to follow. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned veteran or a complete novice.
  •       Variety of titles – One thing that players will notice with Megaways slot games is the sheer variety of titles that they offer. Many releases are original offerings but Megaways slot games also come in the form of branded slots as well as remakes of classic games. There truly is something for everyone when it comes to this gameplay mechanic.

Bonus features

With so many different titles out there, Megaways have a strong catalogue of games. One thing that players will notice about them is the abundance of bonus features they have. The following are some of the very best.

  1. Rainbow Riches Megaways – Based on the ever popular slot series, this game has everything that players expect from a Megaways game including a luscious theme and wonderful music. The bonus feature used in this title is called the bonus guy, essentially it lets players buy a bonus such as free spins, something that can be incredibly useful when you are on a strict budget.
  2. Lightning Strike Megaways – Developed by Blueprint, this slot has a memorable theme and an even more memorable bonus feature. The game has a gamble ladder where players have to work their way up by accumulating wins in an effort to win a lavish prize.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the variety of titles that use the gameplay mechanic, Megaways features a nice mix of bonuses for players to enjoy.

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