Best Attractions to Visit in Fiji

Fiji is a heaven on earth. It has some of the most beautiful spots that one can visit to relax and enjoy at least once a year. One can even stop by at the place as part of Fiji schoolies or office trips to enjoy with friends and co-workers. Fiji’s climate demands sunscreen, swimsuits, sunglasses, and other tropical products due to the extreme heat and humidity. It is a must-visit location for every individual to experience its beauty and glamour.

Since no holiday is complete without an itinerary to ensure one visits all the right places, here are some locations that will not disappoint.

Mamanuca Islands:

Mamanuca is one of the most exquisite spaces with beaches that will make one never want to leave. One must visit this place for its cleanliness and raw beauty. Mamanuca consists of a few islands within itself, each with its specialities. The best way to reach this island is through a cruise. Most people like to take a cruise that visits Yasawa Islands as a group package.

  • This place has many exciting attractions, some of them being snorkelling, swimming, and cave exploring. It is filled with some authentic food and beverage options, too. Visit Cloudbreak since it is a commercial attraction due to the surfing and jet ski offers. One can find the best views from Cloudbreak since it oversees the nearby islands.
  • Sawa-i-Lau caves are the most popular attraction in this area, with a history that is sure to impress. It is considered the final resting place for the god Ulutini, considered prosperous and of great importance to the locals.

Viti Levu:

One cannot miss out on Viti Levu as it has some challenging activities that most tourists indulge in.

  • The Beqa Lagoon has shark diving attractions where one can safely watch sharks from a distance with guides. The underwater life is admirable and has a coral reef the visitors enjoy. With the beautiful colours, flora, and fauna inside the water, this space has a high tourist population for its diving options.
  • Most people like a light experience, while some want to go above and beyond. Viti Levu offers a shallow water experience for those who want a quick view and admire the beauty inside. This place also offers luxurious spas and resorts with multiple adventure sports like rafting, ziplining, and more.
  • It has the best gardens (garden of the sleeping giant) and hot springs for every individual to enjoy. With over 2000 orchid species, one can never get tired of the Viti Levu islands.
  • Visit the dunes for the best walk along the shore and experience Fiji in its most authentic form.


Kadavu is a bliss for nature lovers. Most Fiji schoolies or Fiji Grad trips like to take their guests to Kadavu to educate them on the fourth largest barrier reef set in the area. It has a safe distance from the ground for those who do not want to go into the depth. One can find several fish and plant species in the area that are indigenous to the land. On a good day, one can observe manta rays close to the shore.

Tavoro Waterfalls:

These falls have the most natural views undisturbed by humans. One can observe the greatest bird and animal species around this area. Kayaking is an option for those who like a little adventure everywhere they go. It has a crater lake at a trekking distance that is gorgeous with an inlay of the rarest flower species. Fiji Schoolies must involve the best trekking experiences for every student to remember Fiji’s beautiful views.

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