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5 Lawyers You Might Need to Hire

Suppose you are in a contract that you want to breach but it could cost you hundreds of dollars. In another scenario, you or someone you love have been in an accident and immediately need to hire legal help. In both cases, you need a professional attorney who can help you win your case. However, the main question is, can the same lawyer solve both of these problems? The answer is no. The legal field is complicated, just like a doctor specializes in a particular field, a lawyer is also skillful in his field. A corporate lawyer peth can not take domestic cases, similarly, an accident lawyer can not deal with real estate issues. 

With so many types of attorneys available, it can get confusing when you need to hire which lawyer. We have made a list for you of lawyers you’re most likely to need. 

  • Accident Lawyer

Road accidents statistics are seeing a rise worldwide. If you or someone close to you have been in a car, bike, or truck accident, then the first thing they need to do is hire a good attorney immediately. An accident lawyer deals with other drivers or insurance companies and helps you get maximum compensation. Truck accidents are more severe than car accidents and in most cases, truck drivers run away after accidents. In cases like these, Kansas City truck accident attorneys can help you get justice with their professionalism. 

  • Domestic Lawyer

Domestic lawyers full under the umbrella of Townsville family lawyers, and as the name suggests, deal with domestic or familial issues. If you want to get a divorce or want custody of your kids after a nasty divorce then you should contact a domestic lawyer. Other than divorce, a domestic lawyer deals with issues like a prenuptial agreement, domestic abuse, etc. A good family lawyer can also help you in settling your will and inheritance. 

  • Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney for Criminal Defense

The legal processes are referred to as criminal when the state charges you of committing the crime (through prosecuting attorneys). If you’ve been arrested, read your Rights, and brought into custody by the police, you’ll need a criminal defense lawyer. The criminal defense attorney will claim that you are “innocent until proven guilty” and that you should be found not guilty, usually by casting aspersions on the prosecution’s case theory. Do you want to stay out of jail? Engage the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

  • Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer is a broad term used for lawyers that deal with corporate firms. All corporate firms need corporate attorneys because the working of corporate firms is too complicated. They make contracts, draft employment and non-disclosure agreements, sue other companies and people if the contract is breached, and do various other tasks related to your business. Corporate lawyers are of two types, litigation, and transactional lawyers. The former can attend the courts if need be but the latter does not.

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  • Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate lawyer deals with real estate and other property issues. Other than land, real estate attorneys also deal with rights concerning water. If you want to buy a new property, move your boundary line or change your zoning classification, then hiring a real estate attorney is the way to go. 

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