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    Default Chapter 191 *SPOILERS*

    Here's the translation for 191:

    Tsubasa RESERVoic CHRoNiCLE
    Chapitre 191: The Seven-Day Promise
    [Insert text: To become a nameless warrior // This young boy / never stopped walking onward]

    Fujitaka: The one who will set Sakura-hime's destiny in motion... // The princess, too, will change that boy's destiny. // And then... / ...once it has been changed...
    Nadeshiko: Let us believe... / those children.
    Fujitaka: ...You're right.

    Sakura: There - sit down! // I knew it...!
    Syaoran: You knew... what?

    Sakura: I'm in the middle of my purification right now, so I can't eat anything except fruits and herbal plants. / But look! // There's meat, and priea, / and even cocotte! // Mother must have seen that you were coming in her dream, and got them all ready for you.
    Syaoran: ...Incredible.

    Syaoran: My mother could see the future in her dreams, as well. / Although she did say that she saw the future very little for a while before I was born.
    Sakura: Is that right...! // ?
    Syaoran: And my mother's name, too... / ...was Sakura.
    Sakura: Huh...?

    Syaoran: Besides which... you look like her. / Like my mother, when she was young.
    Sakura: Me...?
    Syaoran: Yes.
    Sakura: Coincidence... / ...No, it can't be. // Is this "hitsuzen", too, then...?
    Syaoran: ......

    Sakura: But... / My name......
    Syaoran: Eh?
    Sakura: ...Do you mind if I just call you "Syaoran"?
    Syaoran: ......

    Syaoran: ...Sure.
    Sakura: ...Syaoran...

    Touya: They're saying somebody showed up in the purification grounds...!
    Sakura: Nii-sama, Yukito-san!

    Touya: ...So it was just a little brat, was it?
    Sakura: Nii-sama!
    Touya: [aside]Hmph![/aside]
    Yukito: ...Touya... // [aside]dear me...[/aside]

    Yukito: Good evening.
    Syaoran: Good evening.
    Yukito: This doesn't feel like our first meeting to me... // ...since you look just like you did in my dreams.
    Syaoran: ...You're a dreamseer, as well...?
    Yukito: Well, I didn't exactly see all that much, though! // It was basically just this little exchange...
    Sakura: They say that after my mother... / ...Yukito-san's power is the strongest in all of Clow Country!
    Yukito: Oh, that's not true...
    Touya: It's what all the priests say, you know...
    Yukito: The power sleeping within you is far stronger than mine, Sakura-hime.

    Sakura: But it's not like I can see the future... / I can't really do anything. // I can just understand the feelings of living things a little...
    Syaoran: Understand... feelings?
    Sakura: Just trees, or flowers... / or birds, too. // But... / It's the feelings of water I can understand best of all.
    Syaoran: ...That's not "a little".

    Sakura: Huh?
    Syaoran: To be able to understand the feelings of things that can't speak... // That's not just "a little". / I think that's incredible.

    Sakura: Th - Thank you...
    Touya: You just eat your food. / Brat.
    Syaoran: ......
    Sakura: I'm very sorry. // My brother, he...
    Syaoran: Oh, no...
    Sakura: He's always a tease... // But he's not usually anywhere near this bad.

    Sakura: Say, / Syaoran...
    Syaoran: What...?
    Sakura: How long can you stay here, in this country?
    Flashback!Yuuko: The amount of time you will be permitted to remain in Clow Country this first time... / ...will be seven days. // Once that time is over, you will return to your original world for the moment.

    Yuuko: What happens after that... / That is for you... to decide.
    Syaoran: Seven days.
    Sakura: When that time's up... / ...are you going to leave?
    Syaoran: I don't... // ...know, yet.

    Sakura: I'm sure your father and your mother are back there waiting for you... // Oh, of course! / Do you know where you're going to be staying yet, for those seven days?
    Syaoran: No...
    Sakura: Then how about you stay here?!
    Syaoran: I'm not sure...
    Sakura: I'm sure my father and mother will want you to stay as well! // And if my brother interferes, then I'll deal with him! // [aside]you're not gonna beat me, Nii-sama![/aside]

    Syaoran: How very brave of you.
    Sakura: C'mon... / Will you stay... please?

    Syaoran: ...Sure.
    Sakura: Thank you!
    Syaoran: Oh, no - I'm the one who should be grateful...
    Sakura: But I'm so happy! / I mean, when I'm not busy with the ceremony, I can be here in the castle with you! / I can't really guide you round the town... but here in the castle, we can be together!

    Syaoran: ...All right.

    Sakura: I can't touch you, myself, but... // I can at least do this, instead.

    Syaoran: Thank you.

    What is happening here in the Princess' sacred place...?!
    Quote Originally Posted by CLAMP
    From next issue, Tsubasa will take a short break so that the authors can collect data. Tsubasa will be back with an extra-long chapter and colour pages in Issue 31, so please be patient!
    So we have to wait till 25 June for 192. Ah, well that means I get Tsubasa 192 on my birthday! Hoorah for me!

    But I wonder what Sakura meant by "But... my name..."
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    Which means the next xxxHolic arc will have something to do with this storyline! YAY! But chibi!SXS is so cute! I am like melting in cuteness here! XD

    by kamesoul @ LJ

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    The fuuny thing is, the saying "Like Father, Like Son" seems to apply a lot here:

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    I can't wait until june 25. I just read this chapter a couple of hours ago. Also I see what you're getting at with the whole father son thing.

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    whole of the story make me wonder to the end of the series...
    can't wait for 25 june... it still 10 more days...

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    Actually they put it forwards to july 2nd now. DAMN THEM!

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    Default :o

    Quote Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
    The fuuny thing is, the saying "Like Father, Like Son" seems to apply a lot here:

    Definetly that bring me memories, haha. Dam.... i can quote your imgs. i have only 4 posts.





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