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    Default Chapter 190 *Spoilers*

    Found these on another website. Just thought I'd clear them up a bit though, but there's some that could be cleared up a bit better.

    「だぁれ?」「おれは しゃ・・・」「待って・・・」すッ転ぶさくら。
    Sakura: 'Who?' Syaoran: 'This is not...' Sakura: 'wait' Sakura falls down

    Syaoran has the intention to raise her all being confused

    「だめ!」それをとめるさくら「ごめんなさい でもわたしに触っちゃだめなの」
    'No!' Sakura stops him 'I'm sorry but I can not be touched.'

    腰掛ける二人「私この水場で潔斎の最中だから誰にも触っちゃいけないの」不満げに足で<WBR>ばしゃばし ゃ
    Both of them sit 'Because I'm in the middle of this water religious whatever ceremony, nobody can touch me'

    Syaoran: 'Religious abstinence? This is an important ritual?'


    Surprised Sakura 'What?'

    (Sakura talking about important ceremonies, perhaps someone can accurately translate this?)

    (Syaoran's reply about important ceremonies, perhaps someone can accurately translate this?)

    Sakura smiles 'It seems to be'

    Sakura: 'Those are not this country clothes, did you came from another one?'

    Syaoran: 'From another world'

    Sakura: 'Another world?'

    「ああ こことは違う世界の日本という国から来た」
    Syaoran: 'Yup, I came her from a different world called Japan'

    Sakura: 'Japan?'

    Syaoran: 'You are not surprised' Sakura: 'Because I heard it'

    「神官様・・わたしの母様に 世界はその存在を知るものの前にはひとつじゃないって」<WBR >
    Sakura: 'A Shinto priest, from my mother, I knew there is not only one world'

    「・・・・俺も言われた 母さんに
    Sakura: 'I was also told by my mother'

    「でも不思議 日本と苦労国別の世界なのにこうやってお話できるんだね そんな偶然・<WBR >・」
    Sakura: 'But it is strange she even explained me Japan country and the world's problems '

    「いや この世に偶然はないあるのは必然だけだと」
    Syaoran: [/b]'Nope, in this world there are no coincidences, only hitsuzen'[/b]

    Sakura: 'Is that your mother?'

    Syaoran: 'Nope, my father'

    「・・必然 貴方と会えたのもそうなのかな」
    Syaoran: 'Meeting with you was inevitable'

    A shy Syaoran looks at Sakura' smiling face

    Sakura: 'Your name?'

    Syaoran: 'Syaoran Li '

    Sakura: 'Mine is Sakura' (this country's symbol)

    Syaoran: 'Like my mothers name'

    「え?」じっと桜を見つめる真。汗を垂らし(・・・似てる 母さんの小さい頃に)
    Sakura: 'eh'? Syaoran stares firmly at Sakura. A sweat drop falls (she looks like mom when she was small)

    Someone: 'I knew she was in the religious ceremony' Sakura: 'Mother' A Shinto priest arrives (Nadeshiko)

    Syaoran: 'That person also looks like mother's mother'

    Nadeshiko: 'You are having fun, right?'

    「ごめんなさい!でも不蝕の誓いは守ってるの!ほんとよ!ちょっと水場で転んだけど <WBR>でも でも !」
    Sakura: 'I'm sorry but you have to follow the eclipe oath! Really! The water fell a bit... but but...'

    Nadeshiko: 'I got it, it will be all right'

    She faces Syaoran 'welcome to Clow, person from another country'

    Syaoran: 'How do you...?'

    Nadeshiko: 'By a dream'

    Syaoran: 'You also can see in dreams?'

     お腹を鳴らすさくら「あのあの これは!」
    Sakura's stomach rumbles 'that that, this is!'

    「夕時ですもの 今日の潔斎の儀は終わりだし城に戻りましょう 桜姫の大好きなりんご用意して あるわ」
    Nadeshiko: 'It is late, today’s ceremony is over. Let's go back to the castle and we will prepare the apples Sakura loves so much.'

    To Syaoran 'Let's go together' Syaoran: 'But...'

    「もちろん貴方の分も用意してあるわ 果物好きでしょう?」
    Nadeshiko: 'Of course you will also have your part. Your favourite fruit?'

    (of course this person also can see the future in dreams)

    Syaoran accepts the invitation to eat together

    'waaaai' Sakura runs in delight and falls

    Arrive to the castle 'It is a castle'

    Is it different, in Japan?

    Syaoran: 'In Japan deserts are a bit more scarce but I live in a different place'

    Clow: 'Sakura-hime!'

    Sakura: 'Father!'

    The running Sakura stops

    Clow: 'The ceremony still has not finished, you have to endure until the 6th day'

    Sakura: 'Yes, father'

    Sakura: 'I'll introduce you to somebody'

    Sakura: 'I met him in the ruins'

    bows 'I'm Syaoran Li'

    「苦労国の王藤隆です 二人ともお腹がすいたでしょう話は後で」
    Clow: 'I'm the king of Clow country. Fujitaka, those two are hungry, so we'll talk later.’
    So, Nadeshiko is Sakura's mother. There is also talk that by 'father' Sakura meant Fujitaka and not Clow. But that doesn't make sense. Though I would not be surprised if Fujitaka was a member of the Royal Family (at least, in this timeline)
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    But wasn't Fujitaka the one that was examining the ruins of Clow country and picked up Clone Syaoran to rise?????? I AM COMFUSED!!!! DAMN YOU CLAMP!

    by kamesoul @ LJ

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    Somebody made a mistake when they said "Clow" (all I did was add quote marks to make it less confusing and more distinguishable). I've seen (and am altering) the raws for 190. FUJITAKA is Sakura's father and the king of Clow. Wow, that... just, huh???

    I think what it was was that Syaoran had 'his' time turned back, and 14 years have passed in Clow Country. Nadeshiko dies somewhere along the line and Fujitaka hands the throne to someone else (Clow) who knows exactly what's happening. Fujitaka must have known then about the Clones.

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    Here's a peek at Chapter 190...^__^
    Translated by : Neither - ashura_sama: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, chapitre 190
    RAWS BY: (This gilded place has everything... - TRC chapter 190)

    Here -
    Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

    by kamesoul @ LJ




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