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    Default Chapter 188 *Spoilers*

    So the new chapter is out, I read it, and now I'm confused.

    *Spoiler part*

    So Syaoran says he's always been with Sakura - which sounds like overly romantic sap - and then everyone is surprised. I guess that's because he's been kinda asleep right?

    But then he says he paid a price to have his time turned back. Okay, so, what?

    Huh? So he became a kid again or something?

    the second he got out he became a kid? That makes no sense though? Did he send his soul out to Yuuko and go back in time while his body slept? But he said that he saw all the other syaoran saw.

    Gah this is bothering me.

    *End spoiler*

    So if someone would like to bring in their opinion of what happened, that'd be nice.

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    What I think it is, is that the ORIGINAL timeline, Syaoran met Sakura seven days before her seventh birthday and they were together up until they were fourteen. Something must have happened at that point to put Sakura in so much danger she couldn't be saved, so Syaoran communicated with Yuuko and asked to reverse time so that this problem could be averted. This explains the other two conditions Yuuko mentions waay back in Tokyo arc ("The Time" was obviously this, "The Relationship" was with Sakura and "The Freedom" refers to captivity with Fei Wong). He was then captured and cloned (along with Sakura) and both clones were released. Syaoran had to live those seven years in the captivity of Fei Wong instead. The Clones lived practically the same lives as the originals, up to the point where Fei Wong scattered (clone) Sakura's feathers.

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    Japanese spoilers (My edit button is gone. Someone really needs to sort that out)

    A boy arrived in front of the dimension witch
    "Go to here". Because this is said (Note: Probably this is said by the boy's father)
    "You are finally here." Yuuko said, and explained to the boy, "Coming here is hitsuzen."
    "Your name?"
    The boy who is being asked as such replied, "Li Syaoran"
    "It is the same name as your father, however this is not your real name", Yuuko smiled and said.
    (Note: The original script can be interpreted as such, However, it may cause contradiction in the context)
    Yuuko: "Your father seems to teach you quite seriously. In all aspect as well."
    Syaoran: "you know my father?"
    Yuuko: "Your mother -- Sakura, I also know as well. However, I have never seen her before."
    Yuuko: "Random talk should end here, tell me your wish."
    Syaoran: "... I don't have a wish. Even if I have, I will use my own ability to fulfill it."
    Yuuko: "But it is because you have a wish you need to fulfill, that's why you are here."
    Syaoran: "Father.. no, Because mother has dreamseeing power, she forsee that someone is waiting for me, so..."
    Yuuko: "It is true that Sakura used to have Dreamseeing power. Then, do you want to go?"
    Syaoran: "Yes, Father told me that it is a dimension different than this Japan.
    Yuuko: "Have you have the experience of travelling across different dimension?"
    Syaoran: "NO."
    Yuuko: "Even so, you have decided to go?"
    Syaoran: "Yes. Since there's something I need to do, I must fulfill it."
    Yuuko: You are so like your father that way. Then, I shall fulfill your wish.
    Syaoran: "I heard that in order to grant a wish, I must exchange it with a equal price."
    Yuuko: "I have already received from your mother. It is that magic ward which is stored in the storage room"
    "This is Clow Country which is what my mother dreamsee?", that boy said.
    "Who are you?" meeting of a little girl asked.

    ■超越了时光的意志力 必然的命运邂逅
    ~ The determination to transcend across dimension, the meeting of Hitsuzen...

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    Thanks for translating the whole thing! Now I can't wait for the next chapter!

    by kamesoul @ LJ

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    It appears as though I posted in the wrong place. I'm still getting used to the tabs in IE 7. Ah, what's done is done, and I'm not going to flood the other post, and there's no edit buttons after a set period (which admins should really reset)




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