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    Default Original Syaoran *Spoilers till chapter 179*

    Hi everyone!

    I am new here. Been thinking about the original syaoran's past and there's a few grey areas that I wish to clarify. I am not sure whether this issue has been addressed here in the past so i apologised if this has been discussed in the forum before.

    It has been implied in the manga that the original syaoran and original sakura are childhood friends and the original syaoran is of clow reed's bloodline. Just wondering did the manga mention anything about the first meeting of the original syaoran and sakura? If my memory did not fail me, the manga has yet to reveal anything about the original's family and how he became an acquaintance of the royal family. All I know is, sakura and the clone syaoran first met each other in the castle after the clone was adopted by his father fujitaka. Am I correct to assume that sakura has lost all memories of the original syaoran when she met the clone?

    So does that mean sakura lost her memories of syaoran *twice? That's really confusing.... Please enlighten me. Thanks!

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    Perhaps for the Clone Sakura... However for the real one, who knows.

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    As far as I understand, original Syaoran never met directly Sakura from Clow Country before he was freed from Fei Wong Reed (although I'm not sure because its all a bit confusing until new development).
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    Yeah, I'm seriously confused. I think I've been confused ever since Sakura had Fai stab her back at the weird chess game. My confusion has only gotten worse since then. ;_;

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    As far as I am aware, it's strongly implied (to the point of emphasis) that Sakura was changed with the Clone Sakura AFTER she met the clone Syaoran.

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    Yea it's pretty confusing.

    Real Syaoran got abducted and cloned when he was about 9 or so. And thus was born Syaoran*.

    Syaoran* wandered around, got adopted, and met real Sakura.

    Syaoran* and real Sakura are childhood friends.

    real Sakura got cloned JUST BEFORE she got transported to Yuuko's. I say this because it'd make no sense as to when Fei Wang would get his hands on Sakura as she grew up cause Clow Reed was alive! I'd think that Clow Reed, being the strongest magician in the world would notice his daughter getting abducted and cloned.

    So if the above is true, real Sakura is friends with Syaoran* so when Sakura* said to real Syaoran "I'm not your Sakura...", it doesn't make much sense cause technically even if she were a clone of the original, the original was friends with Syaoran*.

    But now you got this thing with real Syaoran's past, his relation with Watanuki and who his father was. That might screw it up some more.

    Personally, I think that Clow Reed is Syaoran's dad and thus Syaoran and Sakura are siblings.




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