Hello, I am KoolKidsK from Imperial Scans. We are currently recruiting a translator for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu.

As you may know, the last release was 239 days ago and the last scanlation group left off at chapter 25. We are wanting to give the fans what they have waited for the last 239 days. We are wanting to make releases starting from chapter 26 using volumes until we run out of volumes to scanlate. We are going to be moving onto the monthly magazines after we have scanlated all the current volumes. We are going to start with volume six.
We would prefer a skilled translator because we're wanting to release highly accurate translations that do the series justice.

I'm not completely sure what our release schedule is going to be like right now, but I'm expecting it to be a slow project.

I think we would be providing the raws, but you can translate from whatever you want.
We already have someone lined up to buy and scans the tanks for us, but that could change as we're not completely sure if that's gonna work out.

Well, that should cover everything. Feel free to post in this thread if you have any questions. If you want to become our translator for the series, you can either PM me here, post in this thread, or register at our forums at imperialscans.com
The fastest way to get in contact with us is by IRC. We are on IRCHighway in #imperial-scans .