Jshoujo is currently looking for able and driven people to join our scanlations team so that we can take on more projects and in turn release more manga. Right now Jshoujo doesn't have enough people to do many mangas that we have on hold and are in need of the following:

Editors - who can work under pressure and get chapters done at decent speeds.

Typesetters - who have good placement of text and work quickly, at the same pace as our translator and proof-reader.

Cleaners - who have a good eye and do their job well and at a decent speed (not taking a month for one chapter).

Translators - who can work with potential large quantities of text and work efficiently, as long as you can translate into the relevantly understandable English, grammar isn't too much of a problem as we have proof-readers.

Here at Jshoujo we like treating our members of staff like family, expect a warm welcome from us if you join and don't worry, you'll never get bored as we always have something that needs to get done.

Positions at Jshoujo are limited and its first come, first serve. We like to be a close family and so we don't want to many staff members.

Also as part of our new recruitment scheme we have a new system for new members of the Jshoujo team. Every month an editor and a cleaner of the month are picked, based on how much work you've done and how quickly you've worked over the past month. Those who we (the senior staff) believe have worked the hardest and quickest will be awarded with a special Editor/Cleaner of the month banner (to be used as their signature) as well as the option to have one chapter of the manga of their choice translated (assuming the raws are available), we also are willing to translate something from English into Japanese as well if you own a doujinshi (fan-created manga).

Currently we are limited to only offering the free translation of Japanese Mangas for the Staff of the month prize.

Also we have implemented tests for Translators and Proof-readers, which you are required to send along with your application.

Test links: manga.taira.it/JShoujo/test.html

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Jshoujo Team mail either me at Southsidey@hotmail or Vally (the founder of Jshoujo) at valychan86@hotmail

We also do dedicated staff positions where, you only have to work on one project and then if you wish leave or start work on another project more info on that here: manga.taira.it/JShoujo/dedicatedstaffpositions.html