Greetings from Spica Scanlations! We're a small, relatively new group working on oneshots from Arcana (the anthology).

We can always do with more staff but at the moment another English proofreader would definitely help get those releases out c: We're not too strict with release scheduling and neither do we bite so please don't worry about that.

For more information on Arcana you could also check out the Baka-Updates, MangaHelpers or MyAnimeList info page.

Personally I would recommend this series to anyone who loves the works of Zero-Sum mangakas like Minekura Kazuya, Takayama Shinobu or Kouga Yun c: Visit our site at ttp:// to leec-- I mean download our past works. You could also take a look at the Volume 6 RAWs which I uploaded over at MangaHelpers not too long ago c: Each oneshot is around 8 pages long only and we don't release in volumes.

So anyway, if you have free time on your hands and would like to help out please email spicascans [at] gmail [dot] com! Alternatively, feel free to PM me :3