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    Default Wangan Scans is recruiting

    You may already know about us and think that we are just a car/racing manga team (because we translated Initial D, Wangan Midnight and Over Rev!) but that is not the case anymore! we are dropping Initial D and Wangan Midnight after we release what we have been working on for those mangas, and I would like to drop Over Rev! aswell but our 1 man cleaning, editing and typesetting team for that series wants to continue working on it.

    The direction Wangan Scans is now heading in is into the more "mainstream" mangas that are more fun and enjoyable to read (and work on).

    What I need to achieve this is "new move" is more staff (in this order of priority) -

    1.) TRANSLATORS (Japanese or Chinese - I really don't care as long as you can translate) - Your job is to errrrr... translate Japanese and Chinese to English. We currently have 2 translators, 1 Chinese translator that has gone from superfast to superslow, and 1 Japanese translator that has always been superslow and now looks like he might leave the team because of stuff happening in real life.

    2.) Cleaners - Your job is to remove all the text from the bubbles, remove any dust/imperfections from the pages, adjust the levels of the pages, and to crop (if necessary) and resize the pages. We have 1 of these and he has gone from superfast to super-mega-slow and has also become a bit sloppy with his work.

    3.) Skilled (or at least have played around with photoshop) Editors - Your job is to join double pages and to remove Japanese/Chinse text that is not in bubbles. We currently have 1 of these and he switches between superslow and average speed.

    4.) Typesetters - Your job is to copy and paste the English text (from the translation files that you will be sent) into the bubbles and onto the page, you will have to use certain fonts and sometimes be a bit creative. We currently have 3 of these, 1 is busy with real life so he works slow, another is the one man Over Rev! team, and another I haven't heard from for a week.

    5.) Proofreaders - Your job is to check the spelling, punctuation and grammar of the English translations before a chapter has been typeset, and then check the chapter after it has been typeset (it is easier to spot mistakes in a typeset chapter). We currently have 3 of these and they all do a decent job which is why I would prefer to hire people who meet these requirements -
    1.) English is your main language (I would also prefer that you come from an Enhlish speaking country)
    2.) You have to at least be a college student or college graduate (or you must get excellent grades on your high school exams/tests)

    6.) Website and forum designers/coders - Your job is to create a stylish website and forum (I would like phpbb) using free online hosts (I have some free online hosts in mind so ask me for them)

    Here is a list of the projects that we would like to work on -

    Over Rev! <-- to keep our 1 man scanlation team happy
    Gorio <-- Have looked and can't find raws
    Gakuen Heaven
    Kurosagi: The Black Swindler
    Kira Kira Labyrinth
    Fortune Arterial
    Muramasa <-- no new releases from hyuugalegacy for 80 days
    Tokkou! Maid Thunder
    Bari Haken
    Golf 13
    Tsuri Chichi Nagisa
    Happy Negative Marriage
    UFO Princess Valkyrie
    Hoshi no Furu Machi
    Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi
    Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki ja Nai n da kara ne!! <-- no new releases from Operation Boredom for 87 days
    Kitsune no Yomeiri <-- Have looked and can't find raws
    Ru~mu! Room No.1301
    Q.E.D. - Shoumei Shuuryou <-- the description sounds interesting
    Lotte no Omocha!
    Lovely Uchikoshi-kun!! <-- have looked and can't find raws
    Aiko Desho
    Sumire 16 Sai!!

    I haven't bothered looking for raws for any of the mangas that I have mentioned above (apart from the ones that have a note next to them) because I don't have a translator for any of them yet, but if any translators would like to see the raws for the mangas before deciding if they would like to join the team then we will find them and provide them.

    If you do have raws for any of the mangas listed above - drop me a pm on the Wangan Scans forum or post in this topic.

    If you would like to join our team - drop me a pm on the Wangan Scans forum or post in this topic.

    If your group would like to do a joint on any of the mangas that I listed above (your group will have to provide the translations) - drop me a pm on the Wangan Scans forum or post in this topic.

    You can also contact us over at our forum -
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