We are currently working on Tomehane!!
I actually HAVE no idea what is the manga about. Why? well so far NO groups have bother with it. Heck theres not even a WIKI, A WIKI =O
You: well that's because its lame manga and no much of interest!

I see your site, and I see TWO Translators ............

Our MAIN goal is to release manga faster so the more the better. And Only one is actually helping us, we yet heard intel of the other one which is sad.

BUT like all current Groups, we are too in need of a translator
at this point, we welcome anyone with any Japanese experience who could help us out.

We would like if a Korean Translator could helps in future project: Adventure and Trouble Diary

We would like to thank you for to have bother to look at this thread!!

All Positions are open!
Contact us via the links below if you want to join our group

PM or send email at asrkutranslations@gmail.com or visit our IRC at




or IRC


All help would be much appreciated ^^