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    I will agree with the fact that masataka has to be a fighter by nature. To say that he isnt is to basically cast aside the hundreds of years of takayanagi martial arts predecessors. Remember after mitsuomi got blasted by shin and the doctor said that the only reason he recovered so fast was because of the superior muscle and tissue structure that he had and that he should thank his parents? That statement within itself tells me that all takayanagi's are genetically predisposed to fighting if nothing else. As far as souichirou goes I dont think that the demon exorcist is a major "role" persay, its just another one of the founding families. What i mean by this is that having a dragon doesnt necessarily mean that there is no other role you can fill. There are so many of them i almost consider them default now, but i will say that it has never been explicitly stated that the heavenly/black dragon and the true demon/warrior are seperate entities my common sense leads me to believe otherwise because when makiko was explaining the scenario she was really speaking off all dragons and if not at least the dragons eye AND fist, i feel if she wasnt then aya wouldnt have been included. I feel as if the black dragon could become the heavenly dragon or the true demon, but that the true warrior is completely independent of this all. In my eyes the true demon doesnt necessarily have to have all of the dragons, just an unlimited amount of ki and an absolute lust for carnage (see shin anytime he lost himself, that was what dougen was going for,on a more random note if you think about it the true demon is a lot like the kyuubi with the whole unlimited amount of negative ki) but i digress, masataka isnt the only one fighting to break up the wheel or the only one not fighting for personal reasons. Souichirou was the one who convinced masataka to break up this shitty circle, bunshcichi fights to make sure that the few petals left on his rose colored school life dont wither away (i take this to be his friends), and isnt maya trying to stop mitsuomi from making the same mistake as from three years ago? Theres a definite dichotomy in all of their reasons but i feel like almost everybody is trying to make sure that everything theyve tried so hard to build over the course of the last three years isnt ground to dust in the gears of the wheel of fate.

    Now that i recap the last couple of posts i see that weve definitely switched course somewhere along the way with all this true warrior and dragon talk. I started the thread to discuss and get a better understanding of the 3 gods, so in the spirit of this i am curious as to just what classifies soucihirou as susanoo. I do see how souichirou could be interpreted as "storm" right now with all of the conflicting emotions, ambitions, and literally personalities but it stops there. Will the defeat of sohakus spirit by souichirou be akin to susanoo slaying the yamato no orochi with the righteous warrior or god slaying the many dragons?

    TO HADOU-KUN: I remember you saying earlier that the susanoo/orochi story is prevalent in lots of other manga but other than naruto and shaman king i havent come across it at all. If possible could you hook me up with some other titles with any of the three gods involved because its really is a kick ass story and i would be interested in reading anything with these guys and gal involved.
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    To Seiryuu:
    Well, Not exactly with Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi (although Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase might have something to do with the Moon Reader, but I haven't checked the story out yet). As far as Susanoo/Orochi, there's an Anime called Blue Seed, which is a girl that is the Kushinada in modern times and a demon named Kusanagi is protecting her from the Orochi demons or something like that.
    Also Season 4 of Digimon has a final battle between Susanowomon and the eight headed snake.
    Not an anime, but the original King of Fighters storyline was based on the Three Items being represented by three different clans, who have the task of slaying the Orochi who was reincarnated in some kid. The main hero's girlfriend was supposed to be the reincarnation of Kushinada and he had some resemblance to Souichiro FYI. Those are the ones that I think of at the top of my head. But they have been used in video games as well. Try checking Wikipedia to find more info on references.

    To BlackAngel:
    You're taking every single word they said literally. From everything you've been saying, you just want to look at Masataka's positives, but when someone tries to say something negative about him, you want to say something else just to keep the positives. You're right, what can be said for Masataka could be said for anyone else in the series, so in that point, why would his positives make him "The True Warrior"? Because Souhaku called him the True Warrior once? There have been other people that have been called True Warrior before, actually more times than Masataka.

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    To Seiryuu:
    I pretty much agree with what you said, and I also agree that we did get a bit off track here. I've read off and on about the story of between the gods Susanoo, Amaterasu, and Tsukiyomi, and it is a pretty interesting storyline. I can't recall any animes so far that have elements of the god's story in them, any that haven't been named already. But Yu Yu Hakusho does start off with the main character's first case being to retreive three heavenly items that kinda match the ones from the Susanoo/Orochi story. I'll let you know if I come across anymore of them.

    To Hadou-kou:
    You're saying I'm taking every word they say literally? This coming from the guy/girl who in your last few posts have been quoting Makiko, Dougen, and pretty much anyone else in the series as to why Souichiro is the True Warrior? It's not that I just look at Masataka's positives, as I recently admitted his faults (being slightly perverted) in recent posts. However, I could say the same thing about you only listing Souichiro's positives. Aren't you, after all, one of the people that went to a "Who likes Masataka" thread and started downplaying Masataka in order to beef up Souichiro's character?

    All I've simply been saying is that at this point, he seems to be the prime candidate for being the True Warrior. It isn't simply because Souhaku admitted the possibility one time, and to be honest, other characters have alluded to this as well. I simply look at his overall personality, as well as his skill as a fighter. However, with the exception of Mitsuomi, I can't recall one character who's been called the True Warrior more times than Masataka.

    I could say that Souichiro hasn't been labeled the true warrior once, except maybe by Dougen while he was training with the ex-leaders of the red feathers, and even that scene was vague at best. I could continue this discussion all day on why I think Masataka could possibly fill that slot, but it doesn't matter because you'll never bother to see my point of view anyway. So I'll just put it out there that even though Souichiro has come a long way since the beginning of the series, I don't see him having the temperment that a True Warrior is supposed to have.


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